What’s better for you? Shared Hosting or VPS hosting

Hosting admin July 7, 2018
Shared Hosting or VPS hosting

Nowadays, every business big or small wants to have online presence via developing the website. To match up this high demand, there are plenty of companies offering different types of hosting facilities. Before making a plunge to this vast ocean of internet, you need to select your hosting carefully. While you can register the domain without any hassle, it is the hosting which will require your utmost attention.


There are many hosting plans available for the users like Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. You may be confused to choose the best option for your website. Among all, the options the Shared and the VPS hosting are the most popular products. If you are facing the dilemma, please read this blog to get clear view of these two options.


What Is Shared Hosting?


In shared hosting, your website will share the web server and the resources with other websites. You have to share the storage, database, and bandwidth with the websites which are sharing the hosting. Though the shared hosting is cheap, it has limited scope for customization and capabilities for performance.


What Is VPS Hosting?


In VPS hosting, technically you share the server with other websites but everyone has dedicated server space exclusively allotted for you. You will get more corresponding resources with higher prices than shared hosting. In VPS hosting, you will get more options for customization and performance abilities.


Comparison Between Shared and VPS hosting


1. Performance and Resource Allocation:


As we said before, in shared hosting the resources, bandwidth and space. It is a great option for a new website which will ideally have less traffic in the first year. But if your website will face sudden high traffic drive the performance of the website can be hampered. For the websites with huge traffic, VPS hosting is recommendable. For exclusive disk space and high-quality bandwidth and premium resources, VPS hosting provides better performance than shared hosting.


2. Server Administration:


For the shared hosting, the hosting provider looks after all the server’s primary administration activities. There is no dedicated administrator for which you have to pay extra amount in the package. And in VPS hosting the website is hosted on the virtual private server. You must have sound technical knowledge to manage the resources and fix the bugs. In VPS hosting, you can customize, add or install many software and apps to have better performance.


3. Security:


If your website does not deal with any sensitive data like credit card details, then shared hosting can provide you with sufficient security. But the negative side for website security in shared hosting is that it may get affected if any website within the server has malware. The security of VPS hosting is strong with the parameters like authorized access, firewalls etc.


4. Full Root Access:


There is no scope of full root access in shared hosting and it is only available in VPS hosting. It will help you to install the compatible custom software.


What’s better for you?


If you are launching a website which does not deal with any sensitive data, then go for shared hosting for the first year. It is a great option for the small business and blog site which don’t have much traffic. It is also user-friendly and easy to handle without any technical knowledge.


On the other hand, if your website has huge traffic along with much functionality and you are comfortable with the technical aspects of the hosting, then VPS hosting is for you. So understand your requirements and go accordingly.

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