What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Hosting a Holiday Contest on Instagram?

Instagram SMO admin August 20, 2018
instagram - Hosting a Holiday Contest on Instagram

These days, when Instagram is evolving with its avant-garde features, it has become the first choice of many marketers. Within six years of its journey, it has flourished with the long list of visitors. Users’ engagement on Instagram is increasing at a great pace and so overlooking this important marketing channel can put you in a big loss.


Avail the important features of this vital marketing tool and boost your brand image. There are plentiful strategies that you can implement to rock your business on Instagram and hosting holiday contest is the most significant part of those tactics. But make sure you are avoiding the following mistakes to lead a worthy contest on Instagram.


1. Optimizing Wrong Hashtags


Hashtags are the important identity of your posts. It helps your post to get searched by people. Use relevant and appropriate hashtags for your posts such that it is more likely to be searched by the potential customers. People often make Instagram mistakes by using unclear and unrelated hashtags. Count on some generic and relevant hashtags such that your contest can be easily discovered by viewers.


2. Missed Contest Rules


Skipping the posting of Instagram contest rules is another mistake made by many marketers. While running the holiday Instagram contest, people often pay no attention to the posting of rules. But if you want to run a successful holiday contest, you should avoid this mistake. Post rules and also give important contest information to your audience. Let them know the date until which the contest will run, the things they need to follow, how to collect gift etc.


3. Not Collecting Useful Information


Avoid hesitating in collecting the useful information of your Instagram followers. Collect the email list of those who like, comments and shows engagement with your post. These email ids will help you to carry out more marketing plans in order to boost your business branding.


4. Not Offering right Prize


Make sure you are not offering some irrelevant prizes to the winners of your Instagram contest. Your gifts should be relevant to your products and services. If you wish to reach your brand to a vast audience then rely on prizes that deal with your business and give an ultimate impression of your business. You can include rewards and coupons as well.


5. Not Including Tag-To-Win Contest


If you want more visitors and followers on your Instagram post then don’t forget to include the Tag to win the contest in your contests list. This is the right way to get the direct traffic to your post. Explore your brand reach by encouraging your followers to tag their friends and let others too get acquainted with your business.


6. Purchase and Win


If you are running the contest in which people can win the prizes after purchasing the product then you are simply boosting the lottery system. This is an illegal concept which you should compulsorily avoid. Rather than providing you the worthwhile results such contests can put you in great trouble. Don’t work on enhancing the unwanted attention for your business by hosting such contests.


7. Using insignificant images


Imperfect and unpolished post images on your Instagram post can take off visitors’ attention from your content. Don’t optimize the pictures that look out of place. Post compelling content for your audience which is more likely to attract them and encourage them to participate in the contest.


If you want to host a successful holiday contest for your audience then you must ignore the above mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to run a most worthwhile contest that will surely fetch you best results. We hope you would like this blog. If you think we have missed some useful information relevant to this topic then please do mention in the comment section below.


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