What Is Stop Words? List of SEO Stop Words

SEO admin July 17, 2018

Everyone in this digital marketing sector must know about keywords. But they should know about stop words too. Stop words are the words which are generally filtered by Google in any search query while processing the natural language data or you can say text. Google can speed up the process of crawling or indexing to save the space in the database by skipping these common words.


How do stop words affect SEO?


The stop words have the negative impact on the search result if you are using this in the title of your website. While using these filtered words within or next or part of the keywords, it will decrease the value of search result. Along with that, it will also waste the valuable premium space for the SERP.


You need to avoid Stop words in the following areas.


  • The title tag of the page
  • URL of the page
  • Meta description (without reducing the readability)
  • Alt Tag for Image


Honestly, without the stop words, the write up will be meaningless. You can insert the words according to the flow. But remember not to use the words near your keywords.


Tips to avoid the Stop Words:


You can easily avoid the stop words while writing for search engine bots, but there will be no meaning without these words while writing for the human. You need to excel the skill of writing with fewer stop words without breaking the flow. Writing short sentence is the best practice to avoid stop words. You can try bullet point writing for an easy and scannable reading.


It might be strange to read the keywords without the stop words but they are for the crawlers only while the rest of the blog is only for the readers. To remove the stop words from your keywords and title and keep them in the body of the text as per the requirements to keep the balance of your own writing.


List of Stop Words:


Follow the link for – List of Stop Words for SEO


With time, you will be more aware of the use of the stop words and find the way to write with fewer stop words.

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