What Is Link Building and How It Is Important For SEO?

SEO admin September 1, 2018
Link Building

Link building is an important process of getting hyperlinks from various other sites to your own. In the field of digital marketing, the significance of link building can’t be overlooked. To reach your brand to a large audience, it is the finest method to be included in your various marketing strategies.


Link building is simply the approach to stand out your websites on various pages. It is an ultimate means of promoting and endorsing your products and services in front of a large audience. The more is your page hyperlinked, the more it will reach to the audience and consequently the more popular it will become.


Importance of Link Building


Backlinks are the vital part of SEO as it greatly impacts the website visibility in search engines. When you acquire hyperlinks or we can say when your product or service gets more recommendations, there is a great scope for gaining good market reputation.  With the increased number of reputed websites referring to yours, there increase the chances of your site to appear in the search engine ranking pages. The other benefits of linking building are:


1. Building Relationship


Link building is often a great source of outreaching to other relevant websites within your niche. The outreach to different sites works in the direction of promotion of your content that you have linked. Such links often help in building a long-term relationship with the other marketers in your industry. Relationship with some genuine influencers makes your website the trusted platform for others as well.


2. Brand Building


Good link building always establishes your brand as the reputed one. Customers find such brands to be reliable and they generally prefer those. Link sharing with good high-performance websites greatly helps in brand building and your business is more likely to get potential customers.


3. Boost Potential Traffic


A good backlink from a most visited site automatically increases your website’s traffic. Such links not only enhance the traffic but also drive potential customers to your website which ultimately leads to an upsurge in sales.


Link Terms You Need to Know


1. Backlinks


Backlink is the important terminology in search engine optimization (SEO). It is a hyperlink also known as an inbound or incoming link that is created when one site is linked with another.  These links are the signals from a webpage, back to your own website or can be simply understood as the reference that land back to your content. These inbound links are important in defining the acceptance of your website. Various search engines including Google greatly consider the backlinks to evaluate the search ranking of websites. More is the number of good backlinks from reputed sites the more will be the search visibility of your page.


2. Internal Links


Internal links as the name suggest are those that are pointed from one web page of your site to another page of the same website. These links are also known as website navigation that navigates your web pages internally. Internal links help in directing your users from one content to another within your website. Such links also play a great role in improving your website’s search ranking. With this, you can navigate visitors from one page to some related content that can fetch him more useful information and there reduces the chance of bouncing to other websites.

3. “Natural” Editorial Links


These links are not less than the God’s gift for SEO. These are the links for which you need not ask for anyone to create the hyperlink. Due to the top-notch quality, people often find it interesting and they tend to create the inbound link for the same.

4. Manual “Outreach” Link Building


This is one of the common methods of link building. It involves contacting various website owners and bloggers and asking them for creating the backlink to your content. But make sure the sites should be linked by relevant people who belong to the same industry.


With this blog, we have tried to bring some important points regarding the link building. For the beginners, this blogs will definitely be very helpful. If you think we have missed some useful points, please do mention in the comment section below. We welcome all your suggestions and queries.

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