What Are PBNs? Are They Still Used In SEO?

SEO admin June 29, 2018
What Are PBNs

PBN or Private Blog Network is a grey hat technique which is used for the link building purpose. It is the network of authentic websites that are used to build the funnel link juice to your money websites with the aim to gain higher search ranking. Money website is nothing but the one which you intend to rank and which generates money to you.


Is PBNs Are Favoured By Google?


Previously, the private blog is greatly used in order to perform the link building and promoting the site. But Now, Google has started taking action against PBNs. It not at all encourages such grey hat SEO techniques. Google only promotes the natural SEO techniques to uphold the brand and improve the search ranking.


It is not at all necessary that each PBN sites are related to each other. These unrelated websites share the common link well denoted as money link and promote an SEO technique which is against Google’s guidelines.


Actions Taken By Google


When anyone goes against the Google guidelines, it can take the following actions against those.


1. Evaluating thin content penalties on websites that acquire the links of money sites from PBNs.


2. De-index the websites which are in the private blog networks.


With This Wrap Concluding with the statement that every website requires efficient link building and Google only looks for those link building strategies which are good and natural. But PBN is one of those black hat techniques which are natural by no means. Google has already banned many PBNs. So it is sensible to not to waste the time and capital in private blog networks instead get the quality backlinks through outreach methods. Shortcuts are not always the success providers hence quitting private blog network strategy can prove your decision right if you don’t want your site to get penalized by Google.


This is a controversial topic in the field of SEO and here are our views regarding PBNs. We would also like you to share your views about the same. Please do share what all you think about PBNs in the comment section below.


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