What Are No-Follow and Do-Follow Links?

SEO admin June 22, 2018
NoFollow and DoFollow Links

With the starting of the new blog, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to acquire the top ranking positions in search engine ranking page. But to hit the first page on Google search results is certainly not the overnight task. Various SEO techniques are required to be accomplished to achieve the desired results. Building the quality links is one such SEO practice which improves the search visibility of your content.


Not all links are equally important. Some give more value in search results while some don’t. Google has a feature called PageRank which calculates the link points. If you are dealing with SEO techniques then you should be aware of various categories of links.  Nofollow and dofollow links are some of those which you should know about.


Dofollow Links


Before understanding the dofollow links first let us know how search engines work. Search engines always look for the clues to rant the page accordingly. One of such clues is the number of links from different sites that point to that page. Search engines take notes of such links and figures the number of users who are building the link to your page. The more you have such quality links the more is the search points your content will earn.


These valuable links are well termed as dofollow ones. These are the HTML attribute used to let search engine crawlers to follow the links. It aids your site to acquire a high Page Rank. The finest way to enhance the dofollow link is to use the keyword as the anchor text.

Have a look at the example of Do-Follow Link:


<a href=“https://www. seosolutionexpert.com/”>seo ranking</a>


Nofollow Links


Unlike the dofollow links, nofollow links are the attributes which do not allow search bots to follow the link. These links do not count in improving the search visibility and are not at all helpful in gaining the search engine credibility. While crawling any page, Google bots skip the content inserted with the nofollow link. Hence avoid the unnecessary content to crawl. Let your content flourished with quality links only.


Have a look at the example of No-Follow Link:


<a href=”http://www.search.com/” rel=”nofollow”>search</a>


It would be good if you collect a thorough knowledge of link building techniques if you wish to rank search visibility of your content. This blog will definitely fetch you information regarding dofollow and nofollow links. If you have any query regarding this content, mention in the comment section.


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