5 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Facebook SMO admin May 8, 2018

Facebook, or you can say the third largest country by population is the most convenient way to reach the potential customers. They have special features exclusively aim to help the local business owners via its Business Page. You can easily make better use of the page to disseminate information regarding your products and new offer, create brand awareness and reach to the potential customers. Honestly, for any local business, the customers are restricted to certain geographical region. And focusing any customer regardless of the location is of no use. Here are 5 ways which help you to promote your local business on Facebook.


1. Contact Details: When your target is the local market, it should be your first priority that people can reach you whenever they want. So update your contact details like phone number, email address or Facebook Messenger. You must let the customer call you directly from the news feed on your page. It is quite obvious that any customer will love to call the local pizza delivery chain just after watching the ad on his or her wall. This is the best way to influence the customer near to you.


2. Contest Running: You can consider running a friendly contest to create users’ engagement. It has been very useful to create brand awareness, especially for the local market. The people will like to indulge the winning stuff and they relish it more when they can do that immediately. It will also boost the Word of Mouth sell as people like to flaunt their achievements to their friend circle and social media. As a result, it will surely increase the sell and popularity among the local people without much investment.


3. User Interaction: The more your page will interact with people, the faster you will gain credibility as well as popularity among local customers. If any customer has any query for your product, try to resolve them as earliest. The responsive rate of your page should not go down by 80%. You can also create some interactive posts where people can comment and discuss any topic of the local interest. It will give the customers a feeling of attachment and a sense of belonging with the brand. You can also start a referral or loyalty program. So try to interact with your near people as positively as possible.


4. User Generated Content: Encourage your customers to send their own post or photo to share on your page. Ask them to send the photos while or after using your product along with feedback. It is a general psychology of a human being to take photos of anything happen around or when they try something new. And you can use this human behaviour to brand your product in an authentic way. And when you will share or post their content, don’t forget to tag them. It will also help you to reach a wider base of audiences through them. You can also arrange a free giveaway contest where people have to take photos with your product and show on the page. Always ask them to use the hashtag with your product’s name.


5. Rating and Review: People are looking for the rating and review before try out any new product or service. So ask your friends and families to provide good rating and review without any hesitation. And when anyone takes up your service or product, ask them also to rate immediately. A few 5 star rating can do magic in the search result. Also make a change in the Setting section of your page to allow the users to submit the review of your

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