9 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Organic Reach

SMO YouTube admin May 18, 2018

YouTube is undeniably accepted as the third most popular website across the globe. It is one of the leading digital marketing tools, extensively used to promote the business and to drive the large organic traffic. YouTube has its search engine which beats out all other search engines excluding Google.


No matter, how big or small your business is. Whether you want to promote your startup, blog or want to pull an appreciable traffic for your content, then choosing YouTube can be the right decision of yours. It is the powerful source to boost your business by getting organic traffic and for the same, give a look to some of the important ways which can help you to improve your YouTube organic reach.


1. Create YouTube Reputation

To improve your organic reach, the first and the foremost step is to build up your own YouTube channel as an authoritative unit so as to establish your brand in the industry. Just start with creating your profile and adding a strong channel trailer to give all the relevant information about you and your brand. Complete the YouTube channel art by uploading the profile and the cover photo. This aids up in building your YouTube reputation among the visitors and they will thus love to subscribe your channel.



2. Keyword Research

Keyword optimization is not only essential for the written content but also play a significant role in improving your YouTube organic reach. The keywords are responsible for defining your brand identity and thus rank the search visibility of your YouTube post accordingly. Optimizing the relevant keyword is more likely to drive the more targeted audience to your page, thus enhancing your branding.





3. Video Optimization

The next important step can be the video optimization. Just make sure, you optimize your video before and after uploading the video. Video optimization simply means to use the targeted keyword or keyword phrase in the video filename. You can also add some additional information of the video by right click the video. Once the video is uploaded, you can use same keywords and tags for the better optimization of the video. Here you can add the description, title and tags to rank it high.


4. Make The Playlist

Once you have uploaded the series of videos then don’t delay in creating your playlist. Display all your videos in a standardized and organized manner which can impel your visitors to click on your related videos too, thus enhancing the number of viewers.  Upholding YouTube playlists makes it easy to manage the videos and also makes user-friendly for the viewers.


5. Annotations To Video

Annotations are the excellent tools to draw viewers’ attention by adding more information in a customized way. The annotations are clickable text which one can click to get additional information. You can link more videos to your video so as to build enhanced viewers’ engagement. The annotations will help you to boost the video view in an improved way.


6. Add Catchy Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the most important factor which is greatly responsible to drive the viewers’ attention to your video. It is an influencing factor where you can use interesting and catchy thumbnails to get more visits. These attention-grabbing images certainly pull the visitors’ attention and force them to click your video.


7. Lead For Promotions

To improve your YouTube organic reach, you need to make sure that your video is accessible to the maximum number of viewers. For the same, you have to promote your video by sharing it on blogs, other social media pages or by sharing the link via mail, WhatsApp or other such applications.





8. Contests And Fun Activities

Engagement of visitors can be enhanced by arranging contests and fun activities for your subscribers. Offers, discounts, reward points, gifts etc. are some of the accessories which add up more subscribers to the channel. You can also make campaigns to make a call to your viewers to subscribe and share your YouTube channel, which will ultimately raise your viewers’ list.


9. Add Watermark

Adding watermark of your brand to your each and every video certainly uplifts the value of the brand and thus improves the online acceptance. People often prefer post which has branding over it. Watermark helps you to acquire more views to your YouTube videos.

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