21 Updated Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

LinkedIn SMO admin May 29, 2018

To make an impression about your professional life, building an awesome profile in LinkedIn is one of the basic necessities. A great LinkedIn profile is just like online curriculum vitae of yours where your skill and achievements can be showcased. This is the most professional platform to build your personal brand. So, to stand out in your career graph, improve your LinkedIn profile to the next level with these 21 updated tips.


1. Update Profile:

The visitor of your page must get all the required information from the very first place. But due to the busy life schedule, we forget to update that with time. For the experienced as well as the fresher, there is no substitute for an updated profile to the onlookers. As with time, your responsibilities of work must have changed and you need to take time to describe the new challenges. Also, must update the current location and industry to get the relevant job offer.


2. Professional Photos:



As LinkedIn is a professional platform, all the photos on it must have that touch. Select your profile picture wisely and make sure that it should reflect your job profile. Your display picture is just like your calling card which gives the first impression on the visitor’s mind. Also, ensure that the picture must be clear and of recent times. The same theory will also be applied to the background image as well. You can pick any image related to your profession as the background image. On the other hand, you can upload a group photo of your team or the office place to enhance the credibility.


3. Public Profile:

Your profile must be public and visible to everybody. You must check the account setting and do the required changes to show up your profile on the search result. You can block any unwanted stalker easily, but it is not a wise decision to change the visibility of your site.


4. Brilliant Bio:

The first thing about your LinkedIn summary is that make sure you have one. It is shocking but true, many people still leave the space vacant as they don’t have any idea what to say exactly. So if you don’t have one, immediately write that. And instead of writing a plain professional summary with lots of Buzzwords, try to turn it your story which people will enjoy reading. Tell them the skills you have and how they are making a difference in the life of the people around; but not in a flashy manner.



 5. Eliminate Error:

As we have already mentioned you that your LinkedIn profile is the reflection of your career graph; so there must be no grammatical and typo error on your profile. Cross check the content quality of your bio and other details including recommendation section.


6. Usage Of Keyword:

You need to insert the keywords related to your trade strategically on the content of your profile. It will boost your profile on the search result when someone is looking for the personnel for the similar job profile.


7. Indulge In Groups:

For any first time users of LinkedIn, you may overlook the group section. But it is one of the most important features of this social media platform. You can find many influencers of your trade on the respective groups. Apart from that, many interesting discussions are going on in those groups. Try to participate in the conversation which will evoke your interest.



8. Grow Your Network:

Just like any other social media group, you need a large circle on LinkedIn too. But the only difference is that you don’t have to ‘know’ the person before connecting them on LinkedIn. You can get along with new people in your network with which you can share your thought via content. You can also influence them to visit your website frequently.


9. Relevant Skills:

In LinkedIn profile, add those skills which you actually have for your trade. And also remember that all of the skills are relevant to your profession. It will add authenticity to your headline and summary. Try to avoid those skills which are not related to your trade only to lengthen your list.


10. Endorsement:

LinkedIn has a great feature of endorsement where anyone can endorse others’ skills. Sometimes, co-worker or colleagues or team members or even clients can endorse you for the skill you have already grasped well. It is a great way to enhance the credibility of your profile.



11. Recommendation:

The recommendation is a kind of certificate which people of your network can provide you. You can request your friends, colleagues, and clients to recommend you for your professional skills. On the other hand, don’t forget to recommend them to return the favor.


12. Publication:

LinkedIn is a place, where you can share your thought via long posts. It is always better to stay updated and informed about your profession. And the best use of the knowledge must be in the publications on LinkedIn to let your network know how many wells acquitted you are with your trade.


13. Comment:

Be some generous to comment on the posts of other people. It will build the bond among your network. You can discuss and share views on any topic and start a conversation. But remember, never abuse anyone in case of disagreement.


14. Follow The Influencer:

Select the people carefully whom you want to follow. Find out the influencers of the relevant groups and find out the people who help others to shape up their opinion. It is always good to know what other people think and react to any certain matter. Following those people on LinkedIn will definitely help you gather knowledge.


15. Custom URL:

For the first time joiner, LinkedIn gives a long and impersonal URL. But you can and should change it for a better search result. To brand yourself professionally, change your URL in a more personalized way. To do this, visit your profile, click the edit button and click edit again right under your profile picture and change the URL.


16. Custom Headline:

After your profile picture, it is the headline that people will notice after visiting your page. Whenever you change the position in your company or job; LinkedIn itself changes the headline by default. So write one compelling and impressive headline instead of the default one.


17. Add Media:

LinkedIn permits the users to add photo, video, and slideshow in their profiles. So select relevant and informative media to add to that section. As the visual content is gaining its importance, it is an impressive way to showcase your knowledge and interest to the visitors.


18. Add Section:

There are many sections in the LinkedIn which you can add to rise up the standard of your profile. There are the sections like honors, posts, language, volunteering, awards, patents, causes and many more which will help you to attract opportunities.



19. Personalize Invitation To Connect:

In the time of connecting with other people, try to write personalize invitation, instead of the default one. In a few words introduce yourselves and express the reason for your application for connection.


20. Use Status Update:

Just like any other social media, you can post a status update on LinkedIn too. Write any interesting as well as informative post. You can choose any recent or subjective topic in which people like to comment.


21. Connect With Your Core Team:    

Though LinkedIn is a great platform to know the new people, you certainly can’t overlook your own team or colleagues. Connect with almost all the known person in LinkedIn because it is the best way to grow in this platform.


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