Tips To Stop Fans From Unliking Facebook Page

Facebook admin November 29, 2018

It has become a big area of concern for all Facebook Page Manager that many people, unlike the fan page. As an incredible marketing asset, the marketers want to retain the fan base along with constant growth. It is true that some page owners just post mindless stuff for the sake of activities and in the result, people like to unsubscribe from those pages.


Why Fans Unlike Your page?


As per the recent study by DDB and OpinionWay, after the addition of Unlike button, ‘2 out of every 5 Facebook users “Unlike” business pages. In the same study, the most popular reasons for unsubscribing are also revealed.

  • Company/brand no longer of interest to them
  • Information published not interesting
  • Information published too often
  • Information not published often enough


Along with that, there were reasons like ‘fans’ desire to get rid of the clutter or marketing posts on their wall, content becoming repetitive or boring over time’.


Apart from the study, there are many other reasons for which people, unlike the pages. We are here enlisting some of the most prominent problems which you need to get rid.


1. Self-Promotion: Too much push marketings on Facebook Fan page awaken the irritation of the followers. There are many pages which have only posts with marketing pitch like selling some products, visit the website or subscribe for some webinars.


2. Too Much Posting: In the case of Facebook less is often more. No one wants the wall scattered with posts from one page only.


3. Not Much Posting: On the other hand, one inactive page which posts once in a blue-moon, does not excite the fans too much.


4. Irrelevant Post: Few Facebook pages don’t maintain streamlined posts. They just post whatever they touch.


How to Stop Fans From Unliking?


A successful social media marketing strategy must follow some golden rules. Here are the five ways to retain the interest of your fans to your Facebook business page.


1. Avoid Automation: We know, Facebook provides a facility for automation for the flexibility of page owners. But don’t totally depend on it. All of those updates send the signal to the followers that the admin is too lazy to create a proper update on Facebook.


2. Find The Right Mix: You need to blend the three P’s of Posting – Personal, Purpose and Promotion. By the Personal posts, you can establish a close connection with your fans, the Purpose posts are there for you to deliver interesting and valuable content and through the Promotion posts, you can promote the products. So the perfect blending of posts will definitely increase the interest on your page.


3. Disseminate Post Throughout The Day: Design your Facebook plan in a way that people will not be annoyed with the waves of posts from your page. You can post evenly across the day and give them some time to relish. You can also explore insight and know the perfect time to post which will hit the target audience in the most effective way.


4. Customized Description: Never copy the post headline to the description. Always put some effort to write an apt description for the post. You don’t need to write any complex thinking. Write in a way which will encourage the viewers to go through the post.


5. Do Some Exciting: The last and most important rule which you have to follow is not to make your Facebook page boring. There are many interesting ways to interact with your audiences. Post some interesting and engaging content with a hint of fun to gain more attention.


Have you unlike a Facebook page for any other reasons? We would love to hear your experience on the same. Please write on the comment section below.

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