19 Imperative Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Business Profile

SMO Twitter admin May 3, 2018

No doubt, Twitter has established itself as one of the effective and valuable platforms to make businesses accessible to the wide range of customers. Millions of users are now participating in the network of Twitter, making it more user and business friendly. It is also well-thought-out as a magnificent piazza to share news and content of your brand with an ROI that associates to generating traffic to your website.


Twitter is distinguished as one of the prevalent attractions of social media due to its competitive benefits. It is a perfect solution to build the meaningful relationship with the targeted audience. For promoting the business and enhancing a market platform, Twitter is something which can’t be ignored.


Many big brands like Nike, UPS Amazon adopt Twitter as an important source to provide accelerated customer service. You can also effectively use it to promote and enhance your business. Optimize your Twitter business profile accurately and raise your page ranking by engaging a huge traffic of customers.


Follow these 19 terrific tips to optimize your Twitter Business profile.


1. Twitter Algorithm

Twitter is very well aware of the type of news that you follow. The finest way to clout the algorithm is to be aware of location settings, timings, relevant hashtags, appropriate keywords and use excellent and related images, videos, GIFs, and polls.


The more you will be able to draw the visitors’ collaboration and engagement, the more Twitter will rank your content.


2. Optimize your Profile Bio

Your Twitter bio is the identity of your brand. It is a direct chance for you to engage Twitter’s search engine by creatively summarizing your brand’s message in 160 characters or less. Craft your bio which is convincing and appealing. Include relevant keywords, hashtags, and business related information in your bio so as to rank up search visibility of your profile.


3. Profile Image

Profile image is an important piece of real estate on your Twitter page. For business brands, your cover image should be uploaded such that it easily resembles and represents your brand.


Don’t use the image which is irrelevant to your business. To make people follow your account, select a picture which best suits your brand. Profile image undoubtedly spotlights your first impression and it is good to utilize this for engaging everlasting customers.


4. Header Image

Make your header image such that it depicts the story of your brand. It serves you more option to boost up a branded message. Change your Twitter header image monthly to match it with your monthly editorial calendar. The perfect size for Twitter header image is 1500×500 pixels.


Use exclusive keyword to optimize all images as it increases the chances of being found in Google image search.


5. Website URL

To bring additional traffic to the homepage, adding website link will prove you right. Add some specific pages as well, which you wish to send your Twitter followers. You can post blogs and news associated with your company so as to grasp visitor’s attention.


6. Add Location

To add the location to your profile is an imperative task for all those who possess a business which is to be targeted to a particular region.  For a local business, add the location part in your Twitter profile.


In this way, Twitter’s algorithm matches your content with the prospects of other locally based audience.


7. Create Your Twitter Direct Message

The Twitter Direct Message is a very beneficial feature which helps you in making your brand more accessible and approachable. Allow your business to engage with the maximum audience by taking off the privacy of your direct messages.


Opening up your Twitter Direct Message will let you achieve an overall richer experience for customers.


8. Photos

Photos are the great tool to bring more and more visitors towards your profile. Boost your Twitter timeline with all the latest photos which can help you to promote your brand at a wide range.


Visual media relationship is a great source of elevating search engine ranking. Tell your brand story by attaching and tagging the most relevant photos of your business.


 9. Videos

Videos also engage large number of visitors. Being a video-friendly social media application, it makes it easy to upload videos straight from the app. The Live video feature is also the best tool to share your brand experiences.


Go a step ahead to take full advantage of publicity and attention by uploading the videos which are more likely to enhance your branding.


10. Pinned Tweets

Twitter also facilitates you with the choice of pinning your tweets.  You can pin a tweet on the top of your profile by including strong visual, relevant keywords, proper hashtags, and blogs etc.


11. Customer Support Tools

Make your Twitter profile more customer friendly by offering services which allow them to easily get in touch with you. By doing this, they can get solutions to their any query or doubt.


You can include tools like direct messaging, customer survey messaging, profile notifications and lot more to effectively connect more and more customers.  It will definitely help you out to bring a huge traffic to your page.


12. Hashtags

Hashtags are the key tool to drive more traffic to your profile. It aids you to get more likes, retweets, and clicks which enhance tour business branding to a large extent.


Formulate a special list of hashtags of your company’s events or campaigns, authenticate that hashtags and make use of them when you post about certain event or campaign.



Follow an adequate number of people to get in touch with the relevant individuals. It is very important to actively participate in your Twitter activities by blogging, tweeting and remaining attentive with competitor’s activities and hashtags.


14. Engagement

Engagement of customers is a key strategy to improve search engine visibility of your web page. Engagement includes three features; sharing, accepting and assisting.  Retweet, Reply, like, and follow are the best tasks that you can do to enhance visitors engagement to your profile.


15. Emojis


Emojis are now more powerful than words. Today, each and every social media platform is flourished with various different kinds of emojis making it more interesting.

Optimize the feature of emojis effectively to engross a maximum number of customers to your profile.


16. Twitter Chats


Twitter chats actively help you in learning, growing and connecting to get brand exposures. You can start your own brand chat by using the branded hashtag and actively take part in marketing your business.

17. Re-tweetable tweets


Twitter is a significant social media platform that assists you in engaging copious customers to your brand. Here, every tweet holds its equal importance. Make sure your tweets can be re-tweeted. Retweets are very advantageous for escalating your reach towards a wide range of users.

Don’t forget to write a short note while tweeting a link and say nothing, writing some engaging words with your tweet will make it more eye-catching.

18. Connect With Influencers


Get in touch with Twitter influencers who are active users and possess lots of followers. Offer them to retweet your content. Get hold of relevant and informative content such that they would be pleased to retweet it.

These influencers will help you to make your content reachable to lots of new Twitter users.

19. Twitter Cards


The Twitter card is the latest and highly effective feature that many people are still unacquainted of. Using Twitter card you can give additional information to the users in the form of beautiful images.

There are definitely a lot more things available on Twitter which will elevate the visitors’ engagement rate and thus help you to improve your business.


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