Tips To Enhance The Accountability Culture In Office

Business admin August 8, 2018

Creating a great culture of accountability in a workplace is the multi-dimensional and multi-layered issue in today’s time. Accountability is all about clear and transparent communication to keep other members updated on the status of your vows as their achievements are also dependent on your performance. But many leaders often turn out badly in setting up an excellent working atmosphere and fail to do what they have committed for. This is a depressing statistic and can negatively impact employee morale. If you don’t want to demotivate your team members, just put following efforts on creating an accountable culture in your company and let them work admirably.


  1. Set Clear Expectations

People should be aware of what they are expected to do for the company, what are the goal sets they are headed toward, and what success story they can create. Set clear and concise expectations for every member of the company so that he/she can work with an aim and is committed to achieve what you have planned regarding the work. Go through a transparent communication with your team members and emphasize on importance and urgency of the work. Let them know the time frames, level of efforts and consequences of failure.  Don’t overrule them but be clear to them.


  1. Create Relationships

As a leader, you are not just accountable for ruling your team leaders, establishing an open relationship is also very important.  Figure out the emotional needs of employees and help them to know their responsibility. Encourage them and create an atmosphere of happiness among them. Treat them as the important part of your team and always respect them. This will compel them to work more passionately.


  1. Provide Continuous Feedback

After setting all your goals and work strategies, focus on evaluating the progress of the work. Provide feedback to your employees so that they can excellently accomplish the entire work and achieve the goals within the given time frame. Your continuous feedback will help them to plan their strategies and improve their work if required. Also, guide them to recover any failure or unfavorable outcomes.


  1. Bonus And Rewards

Don’t skip giving the credit to those who have worked and achieved success in any task. Bonus and rewards are the ultimate sources of appreciating them. Such appreciation methods will definitely encourage them to work more dedicatedly and other team members will also get inspired to do their job perfectly.


  1. Provide Adequate Tools

A leader’s duty is not only to assign the task to the team members but also provide them with sufficient tools to excellently carry out their job. Whether they need training, data access or the right to take some important decisions, provide all such resources to them so that they need not face any hurdles in the way towards their work.


  1. Hire Accountable Employees

Don’t just hire employees by going through his/her technical skills only. Also, check whether he/she is a liable person to manage your task.  Don’t forget to check the track record of the individual as it will give you knowledge about the stability factor of the one you are going to hire.


These are some important points that you should focus in order to create an accountability culture at your workplace. We hope you would like this blog. If we had missed some points, please do mention in the comment section given below. We welcome all your queries and suggestions.

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