Things To Consider While Hosting An Instagram Contest

Instagram SMO admin August 18, 2018
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No doubt, Instagram is an ultimate social media platform which provides you the great opportunity to spin your brand on it. But make sure you are effectively optimizing the best of its strategies to maximize your business reach. Hosting the worthy Instagram contests is one of those important tips you should never miss. The giveaways and contests that were the key feature of Facebook marketing for years are now the vital part of Instagram as well. Consider the following things and go ahead with the hosting of engaging and sterling contests.


1. Select the type of contest


The best part of Instagram is that it is free from various limitations and you can be more inventive with your contests. There are many ideas that you can implement to host lucrative contests.


Like And Win: With this contest, just let your followers to like your Instagram post and win the prizes. It is observed that when any “Like to Win” contest is hosted, the chance to get the likes raises almost four times than the likes without contest. The increased number of participants will give great exposure to your post and account.


Comment And Win: This is similar to like and win the contest in which your users have to simply comment to your posts. With the increased number of comments on your post, you can make the best use of this contest.


Tag and Win: Let your Instagram followers work on the way to increase their number. Host a contest which appeals them to tag their friends and win the same. With this “Tag to Win” contest, your company will get direct traffic and you will get more followers.


Photo Challenge: This contest inspires your Instagram followers to post a photo on their personal account which specifies the hashtag created by your company.


Repost And Win: Rather than posting their own photos, inspire your followers to repost your content on their page. Host a repost and win the contest and avail the best of its benefits.


2. Share Your Contest Rules


Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have the promotion rules. But, it is good to share your contest rules with your followers.  As Instagram contest doesn’t require the long list of rules you can simply display it in the caption of your post. If you are planning for a rule-intensive contest then here are some ways to go:


  • Create a detailed rule page on your site


  • Host the contest rules on a campaign


3. Offer a Relevant Prize


Don’t just look for the followers; instead, go with the selection of right followers. Offer them a most relevant gift which attracts others also to follow your Instagram account. You can give something from your products and if you are a service based company, offer some exciting rewards and coupons to the winners.


4. Use the appropriate Hashtags


If you want your brand exposure then never skip using the right kind of Hashtags in your post. Let your interesting Instagram contests reach among a large number of people by spreading the words. Also, you can promote your contests on other social media channels as well. Post something about it on Twitter or Facebook along with the link to the Instagram contest and encourage other users too to get involved in it.


With This Wrap


During the six years of the Instagram journey, it has successfully acquired a great place in business branding. It serves you the excellent features to upsurge your brand value and hence raises the profit margin. And in order to acquire the ultimate marketing results, the Instagram contest is the right way to go.


With this blog, we have tried to bring some ultimate tips for you to host the worthwhile Instagram contest. We hope you would like the content. If you think we had missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below. We welcome your suggestions and queries relevant to the topic.

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