The Ultimate 12-Step Guide For Startups

Business admin June 26, 2018

You only need the dream to mark your own footprints on the world of entrepreneurship. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, but that should not be considered as the drawback. You can start a business and achieve your goal if you have a strong plan and the power to see through future. With determination, hard work and never say die attitude you can achieve success. So if you have dreams in your eyes to do something big in life, then don’t wait for the opportunities. Check out the 12 step guide which will help you to build up your empire in near future.


1. Have Your Own Unique Idea:


The world is currently flooded with ideas and almost each of them is quite unique. With all the advantages of present day’s technically advanced world, the cutting edge competition is just the other side of the coin. Your idea must be unique and special which have the guarantee to create a deep impact on the mind of your potential customers. You need a killer idea because, with each success story of a start-up, there are hundred failure stories.


2. Market Research


You need to know the market before plunging into the pool. Study your competitors’ products, customers’ feedback, and market review. Ask a few people about the idea of your products and its USP. You can run a market survey to find out the users’ reaction. It will help you to take more informed decision regarding your business. Surprisingly, you can have some interesting suggestions regarding it from the market research.

3. Ask For Feedback


Give a trial of the products to your acquaintances and ask for their genuine feedback. You can also distribute free samples to see how the customers will like it. In many cases, people may find out a problem which you have overlooked till date. Listen to the inputs carefully and try to do the improvisation for a better product.


4. Make It official


After establishing the base of your business, it’s the time to make it official. Register the brand name of your business as soon as possible. Book the domain name for it. You should do all the legal things like registering tax id, creating the bank account, trademark registration etc. without wasting your time.


5. Set A Business Plan


A great plan is the concrete base of the success of any business. Before executing any step, you need to have a solid plan for it; from the start to the end product. You need to write a descriptive business plan after analyzing all the data from the market research. You should not be too rigid about your plan, you need to do changes as per the circumstances.

6. Find The Finance


Nowadays, many investors are looking for the energetic and young people who have some exclusive ideas to launch their own start-ups. You can approach the investors with the idea of your product and they will like to invest in your venture if they will find it impressive. But it is advisable to take the help of the financer if you really need them.


7. Product development


Now it is the main part of your business – develop your own product. It will be definitely a great feeling to see your dream comes true. To develop the product, you may need the labor of hundred people or only the help of few technicians. You need to arrange all the people, materials and place to craft the product properly.


8. Team Building


You cannot accomplish all the tasks of a business independently.  You should need a team of experienced, energetic and fresh minds who will help you to accomplish your dream. You need to follow the hiring protocols to select the best suitable person.


9. Brand Awareness


Now it’s time to create awareness regarding your product or service. Plan your marketing goal as per your budget. You need to develop social media marketing strategy, brochure, flyers, shop signs, press release and many other tools to let the potential customers know about the product.


10. Set Up The Shop


If you have any physical product or service, then you need to set up a shop where people can easily avail it. You need to find the apt location for your business and register the address for it. You can also arrange an opening day and invite some of the guests.


11. Market The Product


Start to market your product in all possible areas. For the physical products or service, take the help of the distributors to send it to the end users.


12. Grow The Business


After successfully market your product, its time to think about the next step to grow your business. You need to target the new market and expand your offer. You can add more products under the brand.

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