The Things Happen In Internet In One Minute

Business SEO admin June 7, 2018
The Things Happen In Internet In One Minute

In our daily life, we rarely care for a minute (unless you are Usain Bolt). Not many things happen in one minute in our life. But when it comes to the internet, you can ever imagine the number of happenings in just 60 seconds. In this World Wide Web, every minute numerous users connect, search, download, watch, upload, create, shop, stream and do many other things one can imagine. With the global population of 3.2 billion, the internet is the busiest place on earth.


Here are some interesting facts about what actually happens in one minute on the internet.


In A Minute:


==>> 159,840,000,000 searches happen in Google


==>> 1,641,600,000,000 messages are sent by the WhatsApp users


==>> 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube by the users.


==>> 34,000 videos are watched by the BuzzFeed users.


==>> 80,000 hours of video have been streamed by the Netflix users


==>> 1 million videos are viewed by the Vine users.


==>> 8,078,400,000,000 emails are sent by the users


==>> 1.7 million Photos have been liked by Instagram users.


==>> 300,000 snaps are shared by the Snapchat users


==>> 10,000 images are pinned on Pinterest by the users.


==>> 4.1 million posts are liked by Facebook users.


==>> 347,000 tweets are published by the Twitter users


==>> 51,000 apps have been downloaded by Apple users from Apple Store


==>> 4,310 unique visitors visit Amazon website


==>> 700 rides are taken by Uber passengers.


So if you feel that you are busy right now; you just can’t be busier than the internet! We would like to hear your opinion about this interesting, Share some crazy facts about the internet in the comment section.

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