The Secret of NoFollow Links In Search Ranking Has Revealed

SEO admin September 18, 2018
Secret OF No Follow Links

This is a concern for all the webmasters for long that is there any relevance of no follow back links on the search result. There are many claims of ranking web pages with no-follow links only. If you are too confused about this, then read this blog for some interesting information regarding this.


There are four reasons which are responsible for No Follow links ranking factor:


  • Google can see the links which are visible on Google Search Console


  • No-follow links add diversity to the backlink profile of the site


  • It is quite unnatural that the sites have exclusively do-follow links.


  • The backlink profile will look natural for no-follow link


No-follow Links On Google Search Console:


It is true that Google Search Console is showing the no-follow links but there is no evidence of ranking power assigned by Google on those links. You can consider that at least Google ‘sees’ the links.


But that does not mean that Google is using this as the ranking purpose. It is completely different things that Google knows a link and considering its value to the search engine ranking.


It has been quite clear from the beginning that Google does not count the no-follow link to the ranking purpose.


John Mueller of Google has already said that; “…having links (even a large number of them) with rel=nofollow pointing to your site does not negatively affect your site. We take these links out of our PageRank calculations, and out of our algorithms when they use links.”

Then Why Does Google Show The Links ?


It is simply because a no-follow link is just a link. In Google Search Console, the list is for backlinks, not valued links. No-follow feature of the link can’t ‘stop it from being a link’. Whether it helps in site ranking or not is not the criteria of any link to be shown on GSC.

The Role Of No-follow links in backlink diversity:


Google has never considered link diversity as the page rank factor. Matt Cutts has explained earlier that he would never encourage the publishers to collect diverse links. You can check the video of Matt Cutts to know more about it.


The concept of link diversity is completely invented by SEO. It does not have any role to play in Google ranking. You can say that the only link diversity is between ‘links that help a site rank and links that don’t help a site rank.’


Unnatural 100% Do Follow Links:


Till date, nothing has been proven to judge the naturalness of the profile of backlinks. Google only concern about the actual links. There is no mention of no-follow links as they have already removed from consideration.


Relevancy of No-follow Link:


After all these discussions, we have a new angle to explore; the relevancy of no-follow link on ranking. And surprisingly, there is a value of the no-follow link which can indirectly affect ranking.


It will help someone to discover a useful page and its link. It will definitely help to gain popularity to a certain extent. And the Google algorithm will find that popular content which increases the rank of the site eventually.


No follow links are a great contributor to drive traffic. And anything which increases the traffic on the site has a great influence on ranking. So, this is the secret that the no-follow link may not have a direct impact on Google search result, but it has an indirect effect on it by increasing the popularity.


If you want to know more about the no-follow links and the ways to use to gain popularity, then write your view in the comment section below. We will love to have another discussion on it here soon.


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