The Beginners Guide To Set Up Google My Business

Google Map admin June 1, 2018

To reach a great number of local customers, Google has introduced the My Business or popularly known as GMB. It has become a mandatory step to claim and verify your business in the listing to enrich the local SEO result. It will definitely increase the chances to come up in the search result of Google Local Pack, Google Maps, Local Finder and organic ranking. Here visitors can view information about the company like the introduction, address, phone number, business hours and types of payments. Google is updating this tool with newer features frequently of which the business owners can take advantages to grab the attention of the potential customers.


In this guide, we will let you know how to get started with local SEO via Google My Business listing. If you have already claimed your business then jump to the last section named ‘Steps to update the profile’  to process further.



A. Steps to Claim Google My Business Listing


1. First of all, log in to the Google account, you want to associate with your business. If you don’t have any Google account, then create one for it.


2. Now visit and then select ‘Start now’ button located at the top section of the page in the right hand corner.


3. Type the name of your business in the given space.


4. Now enter the official address of your business.


5. If you have home delivery services in your business, check the box beside ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers’. On the other hand, if you don’t want to show your address then select, ‘Hide my address (it’s not a store) Only show region’. Now in the final section, select the delivery or service area of your business.


6. Select the category for the business. Ensure that you have already selected the most accurate category for getting the customers.



7. You have to add a phone number to your business along with URL of your website.


8. Now you have to verify the business (steps are following). If you don’t want to verify it now then click ‘Try a different method’ and then ‘Later’.


B. Steps to Verify The Business On Google


Google has provided different ways to verify your business. You can avail:


– Postcard verification


– Phone verification


– Email verification


– Instant verification


– Bulk verification


Here are the detailed ways to verify your business in GMB in the above-stated methods.



Postcard Verification


1. Log in to the Google account you want to verify for the business.


2. Select the business


3. Ensure that the inserted address for the business is correct. Now add one contact name for the address and who will preferably receive the postcard.


4. Now select ‘Mail’ button. The postcard will be delivered to the address within 5 business days. It is strictly advised not to change or edit the name of the business, category, and address, before it will arrive at the step, can delay the process.


5. After receiving the postcard, log in to the Google account for GMB. In case of multiple business locations, select the one you want to verify. And for the single address, select ‘Verify now’ button.


6. Now insert the 5 digit verification code written on the postcard and click on ‘Select’.


7. If you have not received the postcard or misplaced it before the completion of the process, then you can request a new one. For that, you need to click ‘Request another code’ located in the blue banner section of the top of the page.


Phone Verification:


Not all businesses get the facility of phone verification by Google. If your business is eligible for this verification process, you can see ‘Verify by phone’ button after logging in to the account.


1. Sign in your Google My Business account.



2. Select the business you want to verify.


3. Ensure that you have entered the phone number correct. Click on ‘Verify by phone’.


4. Now just insert the code received in the mobile and click ‘Submit’.


Email Verification:


Just like phone verification, Google selects a few businesses to get the verification done by email. If you are lucky enough to get the chance, then you can see ‘Verify by email’ option.


1. If you are not logged in to your GMB account, then log in immediately.


2. Now choose the business you want to verify.


3. Check your email address is correct and then select ‘Verify by email’.


4. You will receive the code in your email which you need to enter top verify.


Instant Verification:


This facility is available for those who have already verified their business in Google Search Console.


1. You need to log in to your GMB account with the same email you have already used to verify Google Search Console.


2. There are some business categories which are not eligible for the instant verification. For those, you need to apply some different method of verification.


Bulk Verification:


For the business owners who are operating one business in multiple locations, the bulk verification is required for them. But the service business or any agency for managing the business is not eligible for it.


1. Log in to the account of Google My Business and select a location.


2. Select the ‘Get verified’ button located next to the name.


3. Now select ‘Chain’.


4. You have to fill up the verification form with the required details like name of the parent company, contact names, country name, phone number, email of the business manager and the email of the Google Account Manager.


5. Now submit the verification form. Google will complete the process within a week.



C. Steps To Update The Profile


1. Log in to your account of Google My Business with verified credentials.


2. The previously verified businesses will have the check marks next to their names.


3. Select ‘Manage this page’ to open the list.




4. You can check the progress bar to see the percentage of profile management. You need to continue until you are at 100% mark.


5. Add the profile picture to add credibility to your account. Keep in mind that the image will be cropped to a little circle. So try to upload the image which can be fit into that area. You can use part of your logo as the DP also.


6. Google will fetch the cover image in GMB account from your Google+ account. Go to the upper right section of the page and click on the icon of Google+. Now go to the cover image area and select ‘Change cover’ button. Upload one suitable image which will represent your business properly.


7. Check the ‘Edit’ button to ensure the accuracy of the provided information.


8. You can select multiple categories provided by Google but cannot add any new. Note your primary business on the list.


9. You can upload the photos of search and Maps in the Edit screen. For example, you can submit photos of your product, your location and your principals for business.

If you are facing any difficulty to set up the Google My Business, then let us know via the Comment section below.


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