Ten Remarkable Growth Hacking Tools for a Smart Marketer

Business SEO Tools admin September 5, 2018
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The foremost task for any business or startup owners is to build a huge early growth in its starting years. And in today’s business world, growth hacking is one of the highly talked terms for the same. Almost every marketer considers it as the most revolutionary way to accelerate the business. Growth hacking is certainly the best way that allows business owners to make the best use of marketing opportunities in an excellent way that drives the most desired results in less time. If you are a savvy digital marketer, you surely desire to grow your brand every way that you can. Fortunately, growth hacking is something that you can utilize to promote and increase your business.


What is Growth Hacking?


Growth Hacking covers various important tools and techniques that perform well in the direction of increasing the brand visibility in the least customer acquisition cost. Growth Hacker optimizes various social media channels, websites, blogs and forums to scale up the business within a very cost-efficient budget. It works with the goal of huge promotion, business growth, short time duration, lower CPA and elevated profit margin.


Don’t miss out on all these growth hacking opportunities that can boost your brand reach to your target audience. Make the best use of these growth hacking tools and acquire the ultimate business growth results.


1. Qualaroo


Qualaroo is the perfect user feedback tool that helps you to get perceptions into your audience who using the available statistics. It enables you to conduct short and easy surveys to know what your audience mostly look for. This important growth hacking tool helps you to engage your visitors and grow your brand influence.


2. Hotjar


This is a user experience tool that is inbuilt with multiple UX tools within one. With this vital tool, marketers can analyze the visitors’ behavior like tracking sessions, page visiting etc. it is All-in-one Feedback and analytics tool that offers a new and easy way to accurately understand your site visitors. Users can identify the vital opportunities for improvement with Hotjar.


3. MailChimp


MailChimp is one of the most cost-efficient hacking tools that enable users to carry out the advanced email marketing strategies. It has lots of ultimate templates, email creation wizard and the email workflows that help users to get started. For budget conscious marketing, it is the most sought-after growth hacking tool.


4. Consumer Barometer


To grow a business, the most prior task is to excellently understand the customer choice. In this direction, Google has aligned with an organization to bring Consumer Barometer. It is free growth hacking tools that deliver insights of visitors across the globe. It enables you to know consumers’ research and purchase behavior. This help to set your marketing strategies accordingly.


5. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the most sought-after growth hacking tool that is widely used by online marketers. It allows you to fetch all the essential information regarding the audience overview. This updates you with the page traffic, page view, bounce rate, conversion rate etc. With Google Analytics you can analyze the user flow and check what your audience like the most.


6. HubSpot


Hubspot is another suite of free growth hacking tools that let your business to grow excellently. It provides free CRM software that performs well with email provider in establishing better contact management. It also facilitates marketers with low-cost lead management and sales management software that allows them to track lead generation and email schedules respectively.


7. Facebook Messenger


To enhance the brand reach to a vast audience, the one crucial growth hacking tool that you should never overlook is the Facebook Messenger. Facebook is an important social media platform that facilitates you to get in touch with huge people and promote the brand among those. Facebook Messenger is the easiest way to connect your audience as it is mobile accessible and people can anywhere post their questions, answers or suggestions to you.


8. Bounce Exchange


Bounce Exchange plays an ultimate role in turning bouncing website visitors into potential customers by engaging them to convert before they bounce from your website. This is a vital tool to retain your customers by capturing the information of visitors who abandon your site.


9. Zapier


Zapier is the finest tool that is used to connect web applications in order to ensure a continuous transfer of data between them. It enables you to program your tasks and connect your web applications automatically without a developer’s help.


10. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is the leading tool that gives you information related to the engagement behavior of your audience. It is an advanced tool that has great customer analyzing and tracking capabilities. It accumulates data from the visitors who use the resources of your website. With this tool, you can manage your business well by analyzing what groups of audience you should focus.


These are some important growth hacking tools that will surely help you to enhance more user engagement and profit generation for your business. With this blog, we have tried to bring some important tools for your brand promotion and business growth. Make use of these tools and perform well in the era of digital marketing. If you think, we have missed some important tools, please do mention in the comment section below. We welcome all your queries and suggestions.


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