Some Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion

Google AdWord PPC admin September 17, 2018
Improve Landing Page Conversion

No doubt, creating a landing page to promote your business is a very easy task to accomplish but to make it worthy is quite a challenging one. Yes, a landing page should be created in a manner that it really conveys the messages that are important to boost your conversion rates.


The increasing market competition is compelling marketers to plan and implement the best of the strategies that could help them to stand out from the crowd. On the whole, to achieve the market goals, landing page conversion is also a vital task that needs attention. To improve your sales funnel, use the following easy yet crucial tips on how UX can improve your conversion rates.


1. Keep it Clear


Don’t confuse your customer by creating a landing page that is complicated and gives out of the box information. The design of the landing page should be clear and it should not confuse the audience. Any confusion among visitors may divert them from your site. Hence it is mandatory to avoid any such situation by creating an appealing and informative design that fetches the best results.


2. Think as a User


It is good to consider the visitors’ point of view while designing a new landing page. Think as if you are a user and what you want the page to be. Before starting your design make sure you are aware of the audience type you are going to target and have a clear vision of how to boost conversion. Create a perfect landing page that meets users’ requirements and expectations. Your page should be engaging and capable enough to depict what your brand is all about.

3. Use a Simple Language


Not only visual but written content is also a prevailing part of the digital world. Don’t overlook the significance of written content on the landing page. It is the ultimate way to seek users’ attention and provide them with vital information. It would be wise if you avoid the use of complex language and jargon within your content. It could alienate your visitors from your page. Draft your message in a creative yet an easy and understanding way.


4. Ask for marginal Information


If you want your users to sign up your site, make sure you are asking them to fill as little information as possible. A long complicated form could divert them from your page and the same form will become a hurdle in the way of your marketing success. People often remain doubtful of sign up forms and waver in giving their crucial personal information. Hence just include only that which is necessary to be in the form. A simple registration form makes users fill the details while a detailed one could reduce the chance of increasing conversions.

5. Create a Prevailing CTA


Create a call-to-action in such a way that it could efficiently state your message to the audience. Your CTA should be appealing and is liable to seek the attention of a large audience. No doubt, it is not that much easy as it seems. You have to go through proper testing and choose what works worth to you. Experiment with the shapes, the effect of colors, fonts, and sizes for your CTA.


6. Use the Right Visual Content


Make your landing page more compelling by working out on visual content as well. This not at all means to bombard your landing page with copious pictures just to make it more visual. Simplicity along with creativity is always valued by customers and thus the clear visual content can efficiently enhance the conversion rate. You can state your product or service in just a few minutes through an infographic or an informative video. Showcasing real examples is also a great approach towards building users’ engagement.


7. Mobile Optimization


Now a large population access the internet through mobile phones and to acquire good marketing results, one should not overlook this important tool. Make your landing page mobile friendly such that you can engage mobile users as well as your brand. Your visitor should not face any trouble in finding the CTA due to poor mobile design and so, focus on the user and UX and make your landing page mobile responsive and drive huge traffic to your website.


8. Remove Navigation


Don’t include a navigation bar to the landing page, at least when you wish to turn the visitor into a potential client. Navigating users can reduce the chance to boost the conversion goals. Don’t make users’ visit complex with the use of an extra menu. Its right time to remove the navigation and test the improving results.


With This Wrap


Every landing page is created with the aim to target a large potential audience. And this result could only be achieved if you focus on some worthy tips. Compel and grab users ‘attention by implementing these vital tips and eventually turn them into clients.


We have listed the important points that will help you to achieve your market goals. If you think, we have missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below. We welcome all your queries and suggestions.

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