Some Of The Most Common Myths About Free Website Hosting

Hosting admin July 13, 2018
Free Website Hosting

Having the right website hosting is the foremost and certainly, the most important task to ascertain a successful business growth. Unfortunately, many people fail to choose the perfect website host for the company. You may also, at times get diverted towards free website hosting and might be planning to pick one. But before you finalize any, let us aware you with some of the most common myths about free web hosting services.


1. These Are Completely Free


No firm can flourish in the market by offering free services to its customers. If you are using any free website hosting plan then perhaps you are using a trial version for which you have to pay after the limit will over. Also, sometimes, the free web hosting provides you a limited storage and bandwidth and to increase the same you need to pay.  Such hosting plans generally have hidden costs.


2. Good For Startups


Many people think that, if you are running a startup then free web hosting will prove the best. But it is the biggest myth, people develop in their minds. Whether you are running a startup or a growing business, you should land over a secure and reliable web hosting platform. Many free web-hosting providers load their server with tons of websites which slows down the loading speed of the website. It also negatively affects the page appearance and provides out-dated website building tools which greatly harm your website by creating the poor user-experience and lower down the search ranking.


3. Safe And Secure


Many web hosting companies don’t provide you the SSL support until and unless you switch to the paid version. Website lacking with SSL support is more likely to be hacked by hackers. They can easily steal your data. Many companies just release free web hosting plans to trap customers so that they can acquire their data and sell it to make money. Don’t always consider such companies as safe and secure.


4. Good Ones Are Costly


It is not necessary that every good host is expensive. If you wish to build a great business status and want your brand to get popular then rely upon safe and secure paid web hosting services. Choose the web host provider which holds good marketing status and facilitates the reliable and top quality services. All those paid hostings are not necessarily expensive. Go with the deep research and pay for those which best matches your business requirements.


5. Offer Backup Services


Hardly any free web host providers offer the backup services. Don’t put yourself in this misconception that such free website hosting companies provide you data backup services. At the time of any disaster like malware attack or server failure, you may permanently lose your important data due to lack of data restoring facility.


6. Easily Improve Website Performance


Free web hosting not offers you the essential plugins and scripts which one hand, negatively affects site security and on the other hand disallow you to customize your server and site. Consequently, to avoid this situation it would be good to say no to such irrelevant web hosting services.


These are some of the basic misconceptions about free web hosting services, people often use. But dependency over such hosting plans may put you in trouble by hurting your website. If you want your business to grow and reach great heights then you should certainly cut down the reliance on these. Be more cautious and pick the best for your website.


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