Some Important Legal Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

SEO admin July 23, 2018
Tips Every Blogger Should Follow

Surely no one wants to pay fine while blogging and content posting. But do you think, you really have to pay it anytime? Well, not always, but at times when you go against blogging laws. Now the question arises that does content creation also require the law? Actually, yes, it does have some restrictions which every blogger should know about.  Stay on the right side of the law and get rid of any serious legal trouble. Have a look at the following important points and take care of these while blogging.


1. Copyright


Copyright is the first and foremost part of blogging laws. Copying anyone’s content and displaying it through your website can put you in great trouble. Avoid doing this blunder. Always create a fresh and unique content for your page and stay away from any lawful issue. You can also take any legitimate action if you find someone copying or reproducing your content without your permission.


2. Branded Domain


If you are a new blogger, don’t take any risk while choosing a domain for your website. Never use any trademark name in your URL. For example, people often use trademarks like Dell fans, HCLunofficial etc with the hope that they will rank high but it is the biggest myth. Even you can be caught in a legal action if found using any brand name in your URL.


3. Affiliate Programming Risk


If you are running any affiliate programs, ensure that your software is bug-free and it does not record any transaction details like the debit card, credit card or any other sensitive information. Avoid the risk in the affiliate program and make sure it is completely secured.


4. Restricted Image Optimization


Not all images are open for free-for-all kind of use. Some images might have copyright restrictions and you cannot use those in your blog. Owners’ permission or purchasing is required if you want to optimize any copyrighted image. Similarly, you can also take copyright license for your images which others cannot copy without your permission.


5. Terms And Conditions


No matter whether, with your blog, you are making money or not, include the Terms and Conditions policy to convey your page visitors the “rules of conduct” of your blog. Let your readers know that you don’t share and misuse their private information, your page is copyrighted, and any lawful action can be taken for any violations found.


6. Include Disclaimer


Also, include disclaimer within your blog. It should be stated by you that the blog is written by you and it is completely based on your personal opinion. You are not responsible for any mistake and are not subjected to follow entire health, legal, financial and medical advice.


Here are some legal points which every blogger should always follow to create a risk-free content. We hope you would like this blog. If you find, we had missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below.

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