Snapchat’s New Program To Pair Brands With Influencers

News SMO admin August 20, 2018
Snapchat’s New Program

Snapchat with the initiative to boost its revenue has shifted its focus to the key area of the platform influencers. They are working to create a bridge with the most prominent participants of the platform.


In July, a new program has been launched by Snapchat named ‘Snapchat Storytellers’. The aim of the program is to connect the brands to Snapchat influencers for the collaboration of content.


Right now it has been launched as the pilot program where all the brand influencers will be introduced like Mplacto, Cyrene.


“[Snap creators] will star in ads for Stories and Discover or provide creative direction to brands with their expertise, gleaned from gathering audiences of millions over the past few years, in exchange for cash. Top creators can often earn tens of thousands of dollars or more for deals with brands.”


The program will deliver lots of features exclusively for the Snapchat. We all need the algorithm to understand which users can view the particular feed on their time feed and utilize in the best way to enhance the engagement. This program is mainly designed to create brand awareness and the performance of the campaign.


In this program, instead of creating your own platform, you can use the popular influencers’ platforms to build your own story regarding the brand.  It will be a great help for all the new brands as the platform option is not simple for its hard-to-navigate nature. The experts of Tapping who is already proficient for the different Snap process will have great advantages.


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