Single Page Websites: Check The Benefits And Drawbacks

Hosting SEO admin July 4, 2018
Single Page Websites

Single page websites are the latest trend in the world of digital marketing. Nowadays, these websites are highly preferred over multiple-page websites. Such websites consist of only a single dynamically generated page that utilises merely one HTML. All the relevant sections of details and information about the company and its products or services are featured on just the same page. The popularity of single page website is compelling marketers to know more and more about it. Check out the pros and cons of single page websites and understand it deeply.

Benefits of single page websites


  • Better Mobile Experience: Mobile responsiveness is the great pros of single page website. Single page websites not only look good on mobile but also provide the great user experience by offering easy navigation and fast loading.
  • Target A Specific Audience: Single page websites perform well in the direction of targeting specific users. The optimization of most relevant keyword will bring the targeted audience to it.
  • Higher Domain Authority: Single page websites efficiently increases the authority of the site. All the links attained by the website bring to the same URL. This simply means that there will always be a 1:1 ratio of page links.
  • Easy To Build And Maintain: Single page websites can be easily created. Many themes in the market enable marketers to create outstanding websites in very short time. These can be updated and maintained easily.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring any agency just for a single page website, definitely costs very little.

Drawbacks of single page websites


  • Small Content Size: Single page websites offer very limited content and hence lack the in-depth information. Such websites are often disliked by those who are looking for detailed content on a specific topic.
  • Keyword Limitation: With single page websites, marketers have to compromise with very limited keyword optimization. One cannot target a variety of keywords within a single page.
  • Lacks advanced Strategies: There are plentiful advanced SEO strategies that multi-page websites can utilize to boost the search ranking. But one cannot implement all these strategies with the limited page.



Looking over these pros and cons one can easily discover the smart utilization of single page website. Consider the kind of business goal you hold and choose the appropriate pattern of the website which best matches with your marketing requirements.


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