7 Significant Ways to Promote a Local Business on Instagram

Instagram SMO admin May 18, 2018

In just six years, Instagram has latched onto the position where it is not only used as an image or video sharing app but is also efficiently used as an important platform for promoting the local business. It is second most popular social media channel after facebook and thus offering a legitimate marketing powerhouse for your business.


Instagram is a perfect solution for connecting you with your targeted audience visually and for turning out your social media campaign. But simply posting the images or videos is not at all sufficient to enhance your brand awareness. Instead, you need to work out efficiently and smartly to be in the running of other 600 million users. Here are some significant actionable, tips and strategies, implementation of which can help you to promote your local business, raise the visitors’ engagement and fuel the sales.


1. Active Participation

Participate actively in this social media community and avail the finest benefits of it. In addition to the posting of outstanding images and videos, establish your Instagram reputation by following other people, influencers, and brands. Interact with others and join the conversation which is going on in the comment section of your post. Publishing the remarkable content and mentioning your customers is another important factor for the enhancement of your brand awareness.


2. Re-post Local Content

Tone up your business or brand’s reputation on Instagram by regularly reposting the content that is published by your followers, other local business brands or local celebrities. Sharing the content formulated by genuine people sets up your brand’s accessibility, identity and encourages it as an incalculable effort to the individuals. In this way, you can not only create stronger reputation but also save the time in creating unique and original content.


3. Continue With a Reliable Brand Identity

Maintain your brand identity such that it can gain acceptance among a large number of people. It is important to acquire a sense of consistency so as to expand your branding as well as the business. Customers often follow your brand on various different channels so if your Instagram identity is different from the tone set on other platforms, then it may put your customer in confusion. Thus it is very important to set up Instagram tone which supports how it truly feels to call your business.


4. Avoid Blanket Posting

Although the persona and tone of your Instagram post remain regular over various different channels but still too much alikeness should be avoided.  You have to cautiously navigate and differentiate the two strategies of maintaining consistency and posting exclusive and matchless content that not at all look like to be blanketed across all the channels. Blanket posting simply means to use the exactly copied or similar message and content across various social media platforms.



5. Integrate Impelling Topics in Your Post

Go ahead with what is trending these days on the social media platform. It would be great if you can capture what people are looking for and what can be more engaging. To drive a large traffic to your Instagram post, tune up to such trending posts which is more likely to grab visitor’s attention. Analyse the market carefully and do the regular posting accordingly.


6. Focus on Localized Hashtags

Localized hashtags in your post are more likely to acquire large traffic of visitors of your area. You can efficiently enhance the local reach of your Instagram page by using the hashtag which takes account of your location.


7. Use Quotes

If you wish your Instagram or any other social media post to be shared and liked by all then to use the excellent quote would be the wise decision in this way. Some interesting and outstanding quotes engage a huge proportion of visitors and thus raise your brand reach.

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