SEO for Startups: How to Grow Your Organic Traffic Fast

Business SEO admin June 26, 2018
SEO for Startups

It is always tricky to establish a business but the real challenge lies to make the venture a success story. You need to prepare the proper marketing strategy for both online and offline medium to reach the potential customers. To make a fast impact in World Wide Web, plan a profound SEO to drive organic traffic automatically to your website.


If you own a startup and want to spread your wing all over the sky, then read the blog to know everything you should know about organic SEO exclusively for the startups.


Difference between general SEO and startup SEO?


Basically, Google does not differ between the websites of small and established business, all they care about the relevancy of the content and how they are connected with their audiences. You need to have the effort and strategy of SEO for your startup just like the big brands here. The only thing which will make the difference is the budget. You need to invest in a great self-sustaining SEO strategy in the first stage and later you will enjoy the result.


Things Search Engine Will Consider:


As discussed, Google does not care about the size of the business rather it has its own criteria to rank. Find below the factors to award high rank in search result.


  • Accessibility: The search engine needs to access your website.
  • Content: As content is the key of the website, the users should be satisfied with the quality of the informative and relevant content.
  • User Experience: Google wants that people will love to visit your website and have a great experience while visiting your website.
  • Site Engagement: When the website has quality content and high user experience, the engagement of the readers will be great automatically.
  • SEO Factor: Make sure that all the factors responsible for search engine optimization are alright.

Things You Should Consider To Build SEO-friendly Website for StartUp


As the website owner of any startup, you must consider few points instead of selecting the cheapest way to host, design and develop the website. Following are there the five key factors which you can have a look before starting the project.


1. Hosting:

In the recent update, the loading time of a website is an essential factor for the page rank. So you need to be very careful while selecting the proper hosting package which has a quick loading time. The package also limits the number of traffic to your website. The uptime record of your service provider is also an important point which you should take care of.

2. Code:

The bots of search engine come to your website and the first thing they take care of is the code. From the loading time to mobile experience, many important features depend on code. It is advisable to use the WordPress theme or other CMS theme which come up with its own coding.


3. Design:

The search engine bots can only trace the navigational structure along with the basic layout of the page. You just cannot ignore the layout for the mobile version of the website. Please take care of your bounce rate and loading time so that Google will send traffic to your website.


4. Content:

Content is the main thing for which people will come to your website. Provide relevant information through your content.


5. On Page SEO:

On page, optimization involves lots of things here. You need to take care of your page URL, title, headings, keywords, page content, image, internal links and mobile optimization etc.


Qualities of Great SEO Content for Startups:


For the new age business, the biggest challenge lies in the posting exclusive, informative and interesting content. Here are the qualities of a good content which you need on the website for startups.


  • Valuable
  • Likeworthy
  • Sharable
  • Visual
  • Optimised
  • Varied
  • Actionable


Things You Should Take care of the SEO Strategy of the Startups:


Search Engine Optimization is a slow process, especially for the startups. You need to have a close look at the following segments.


  • SEO Reports
  • Keywords and backlinks
  • Notification
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Sharing
  • Performance Report
  • Optimisation


Fix all these things into automation mode and concentrate on the segments which need human attention like creating strategy and content. Hope all the tips will help you to establish the online presence of your startups.

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