Search Queries Alerts In Webmaster Tools

  • August 24, 2012
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Google has come up with his new invention to solve the most significant issue of websites. It’s hard to analysis one site 24*7 as it is quite time consuming and not practical thing to analysis the problems.  Google has found the remedy for it and that is incorporating alerts in webmaster tools.  The web master tools of Google will process the data and will detect the most important issues of your site.

There are many errors like Crawl Error and etc. but today Google has come up with alerts for search queries.  The webmaster tool will let you know search queries features among other things like impression and clicks for top pages.  It is always disturbing to see the sudden changes in the site and Google webmaster tool alert will give you reasons for the change. A change can occur due to any reason like technical or demand for new content on the page which can be resolved after acknowledging the issue. Search queries alerts in webmaster tool will give you detail about broken redirects or any other technical issue which must be investigated before it cause a big problem for the site.

Image of Alert in search engine alert webmaster tool


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