Relax! Pogo-Sticking is not the Google Ranking Factor

SEO admin August 13, 2018

Google’s John Muller has publicized an important update regarding the search engine ranking factor. He announced that Pogo-sticking is not something that Google uses as a ranking signal. Before going further, first, let us know what actually Pogo-sticking is. It is simply a term that is used to describe the users’ act in which they quickly navigate back to search engine result pages after landing your page. When visitors don’t find any relevant information for which they have landed on your site, they quickly exit and click on another search result. This back and forth user bouncing between the web pages in the search results is known as Pogo-sticking.


Site owners and marketers consider Pogo-sticking a negative ranking factor as it depicts the users’ disinterest in their website content. They often assume that the content at their website is not appropriate and due to which users are bouncing their page.  A user also made the same question during a recent Google Webmaster Central Hangout. He asked “If we’ve got some legacy content or content that maybe we’ve neglected and could be focusing our efforts elsewhere, and the user clicks on that, has a poor experience and clicks back to the SERP. That’s obviously bad for SEO. Is that something that would affect that page only, or would it have an effect on the rest of the website?”


In response, Muller said that it is not at all the way to gauge a site’s relevance as per the users’ query and experience. There may be various reasons for which visitors exit your page and visit others. Pogo-sticking not at all impact website’s search ranking. He suggested marketers not to worry about this. It will not affect their site’s Google search engine ranking.


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