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Facebook News admin August 18, 2018
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In the last couple of months, Facebook has come up with some latest announcements that have added many new features in its list. Facebook is one of the most preferred social media channels and these newsworthy updates are the supplementary traits to it. You might be also looking for these updates and hence we are here with our blog to share the latest information regarding it with you.

1. Payment Feature with Facebook Messenger


In the month of June, a new payment feature is the added by Facebook. This feature allows Facebook Messenger users to send or receive money. At this point of time, this facility is available only in the U.S is expected to be in trend in other parts of the world soon. To avail this service, one must have to add the debit card with Messenger app. Make sure, money can only be transferred through it only when both the receiver and the sender have linked their debit cards with their Facebook Messenger app.

2. You Need Not Log in To Use Facebook Messenger


With this update, Facebook made it easy for people to make their Messenger app account without having any Facebook login access. Now it is not mandatory to first create the Facebook account in order to work with Messenger. This is a great announcement in the field of marketing as now business brands can share information directly to their customers with Facebook messenger app.


3. New “Lead Ads” Feature of Facebook


Facebook has announced that it will soon start the new type of ad i.e. lead ads. Such ads offer an easy way for people to fill the forms simply through their mobile phones. This is a great way where people submit their contact details which marketers can use for their marketing purpose.


4. New Facebook Icon Has The Woman’s Icon First


In July, Facebook has released new logos for its ‘friends’ and ‘group’ icons. Earlier, the symbol of male comes before female but the new reverse order has become the great sensational news.


5. Power Editor and Ads Manager Get Refurbished


Ads Manager and Power Editor are now modified with new looks. For a periodic Facebook ads’ user, it is easy to notice. It is now more streamlined and updated which can be excellently used.


6. A New Definition of CPC is Updated


Until now, every kind of click on Facebook ads is counted under Cost Per Click for those. But with the latest announcement, it was released that the definition of Cost Per Click (CPC) on Facebook will now include only the clicks to apps and websites. The likes, comments, and shares will no more be counted within it.

With This Wrap


To discover more about the updates just start diving into by clicking on its various features. It may sound a little sloppy but there are many small changes which need to be explored.


If you also have any information regarding the new updates of Facebook don’t hesitate in sharing it with us. Post your suggestions in the comment section below.

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