Penguins, Pandas, And Panic At The Zoo


Algorithm update of Google named as Penguin update or webspam update has disturbed many of the SEOs and webmaster for losing traffic and revenue legitimately. Over optimization and de-optimization is the only solution with the SEOs and webmaster but it is only worsening the situation. Google has officially acclaimed that penguin algorithm has effected about 3.1% of English queries. The confirmation of ranking is impossible as it changes every day or even every hour.

First you need to double check that is there any IT issues affecting your site ranking or it is a direct impact of penguin algorithm. Google has launched this algorithm to avoid the spamming and black hat SEO, consult with your team as well as your SEO Company to check are they following all the rules and regulations of search engine.

Now, be relaxed and you have already found that all the changes you are receiving are related to penguin algorithm. Don’t let this fear destroy your whole business and think about the positive signs and things which can do some betterment in this situation.

What to do with Links

  • Known, obvious paid links
  • Links in networks Google has recently delisted
  • Footer links with exact-match anchor text
  • Other site-wide links with exact-match anchors

These are the some points which have been admitted by the Jim Boykin in his recent interview that these low quality back links were actually affecting the sites ranking and Google has caught them and mentioned these points.  Simply don’t panic and start removing all your links, be calm and consider these points as the savior for your site.

Don’t De optimize

Google is much concerned about the users than the SEO companies.  If you are thinking that by over optimizing your site and doing keyword stuffing you are getting traffic and more clicks by the visitors.  Then please let me tell you that Google has caught you and want you to serve the user best content which is worthy of reading. Here, de-optimizing is not the solution but yes re-optimizing your content  is what Google expects from you.

Submit a Reconsideration Request

The reconsideration request form is for those sites which were affected by the Penguin algorithm unfairly. Google has not done anything manually related to Penguin algorithm, it is spamming algorithm which has affected all the sites according to rules and regulations of search engine. So, if you are pretty sure that there is no suspicious link building or you have removed all those links then you can consider yourself as the victim of penguin algorithm and send the reconsideration request.



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