Owl Update: Google’s Way To Eliminate Fake News Queries

Google Google Update admin June 22, 2018
Owl Update

For long, Google is looking for a way to fight back the problematic searches. The term problematic search refers to the ‘situations where Google is coping with the consequences of the ‘post-truth’ world.’ People develop content which confirms any situation regardless of the actual facts. Apart from that, people’s love for searching rumors, myths, gossips and derogatory topics which influence Google’s search suggestions in an offensive way.


In a nutshell, problematic searches are the fake news which people make up involving heavily biased content or propaganda, rumors, conspiracies, and myths. To deal with this problem sector, Google has come up with Owl updates.


In April 2017; Google announced the changes of the algorithm and search result management procedure to control the ‘offensive or clearly misleading content’ or you can say fake news content which is called project Owl update.


In the update, Google has stated:


1. Google is making some tweaking in the algorithm to devalue low-quality fake content especially for the queries which can show ‘offensive and misleading’ result and promote high-quality authoritative content.


2. They have also updated the guidelines for the quality raters for helping the efforts and letting the algorithm to do the job correctly.


3. There is a feedback form added by Google for autocomplete suggestions and featured snippets for instant feedback for the search results which are not targeted for the above-stated goal.


Gary Illyes from Google has answered some queries regarding the Owl Updates in Twitter.


  1. Mr Illyes confirmed that the ‘tweaks’ or algorithm updates are not related to the Project Owl.



  1. It will not affect the ranking of the new websites.



  1. There will be no added advantage of the big brands from this update.


If you have any confusion regarding the Google’s Project Owl Updates, and then let us know in the comment section. We will answer your queries in the best possible way.

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