One Of The Biggest Google Core Algorithm Updates Is Rolling For A Week

Google Google Update News SEO admin August 7, 2018
Google Core Algorithm Updates Is Rolling

Google is rolling out one of the biggest core algorithm updates of recent times. Though there was a prediction regarding the algorithm among the webmasters there was not much official updates regarding that. Recently, Danny Sullivan, the search liaison of Google confirmed on his Twitter handle that an update is rolling out and it will continue until the middle of the week.


The webmasters are keeping close eyes on it and have predicted that it is quite heavy. They have also assumed that the update has started to slow down due to the fluctuations. This is maybe the biggest algorithm shift of Google of recent times.


Earlier when asked about the update like the size, probable impact, and percentage-wise, Danny answered ‘No, not doing that.’  He also informed that it is a global update and not any area specific.



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