No Relation Between AdSense Fluctuation And Core Algorithm Update – Google Confirms

Google Google AdSense Google Update News admin August 7, 2018

Google AdSense is a great platform to monetize the website’s traffic through advertising. It is a popular way of earning among the webmasters. But in the last few days, most of them are experiencing fluctuation in their AdSense metrics. And the fluctuation has been noticed in sporadic revenues and earnings as well as pageviews and click-through rates on the ads.


Many webmasters are complaining about the fluctuation in Google AdSense Help forums. When Danny Sullivan of Google was asked about the update he posted on Twitter, “they have nothing to do with each other.”



Though he has said that there is no relation, but the Google AdSense is related to the search result which is affected with the algorithm update. But as per Danny said, Google AdSense and Google Search are not directly related, your earning will not be showing any changes due to core algorithm update.

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