30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

SEO admin May 23, 2018

If you have recently launched your website, you must be seeking the ways to upsurge its search engine ranking. There are around 200 SEO ranking factors that Google acknowledges to rank any site. But all these points don’t have equal influence on the Google search engine ranking and not suitable for every business sector.

Being a beginner, if you are looking for the factors of SEO which you should know to improve the visibility in the search engines, then these points will definitely help you out.


1. Keyword In The Title Tag

The title is the key part of the entire content. It gives the brief knowledge of what we are dealing or expressing with. Keyword in the tagline is one of the most important signals for SEO filters. It is used by Google to show the main title of a search result and to decide the rank of the page by optimizing the title keyword.


It is always good to add the keyword at the beginning of the title rather than adding it nearer to the title’s tag end. Placing of keyword closer to the title’s tag start is more likely to rank higher as compared to the later one.


2. Keyword In Meta Description Tag

To make search results more relevant, meta description tag holds the great significance in SEO circles. Keyword in meta tag allows the search engine to bring more visitors to the web page by optimizing those to rank high.


3. Keyword In H1 Tag

H1 tag is also known as headline or secondary title tag which has its great impact on Google ranking. Right keyword in H1 tag aids with the SEO rank improvement. It serves as a prodigious description factor that shows what exactly page is about.


H1 tag is another important factor which influences organic search performance. It is undoubtedly a good practice to be included in your SEO techniques so as to achieve favorable outcomes.


4. Keyword Prominence

Key Prominence focuses on inserting keywords in first 100 words of your content. To enhance the search engine ranking, it is sensible to formulate content in such a manner that your keyword can appear as early as possible in the entire content.


Search engine crawlers find it relevant and aid to acquire top Google ranking.



5. Keyword Proximity

Keyword Proximity refers to the distance between words of the main keyword from each other. For example, you are working on keyword “Best SEO Australia” then you can craft a sentence like “get best SEO services in Australia”. Here you can find two words between “SEO” and “Australia”. This is what exactly keyword proximity is.


It is suggested to make the proximity low so as to acquire better results. Less is the number of words between main keywords, more is the chance to achieve high Google search engine ranking.

6. Keyword Density


Use of relevant keyword in content is an excellent way to boost your search engine ranking but excessive stuffing of keyword, conversely, affects your SEO ranking in a negative way. Keyword frequency should be maintained efficiently by inserting keywords in proper number.

7. Content-Length

Try to craft a content that covers all the indispensable information regarding the topic. To do so, you may have to raise the content length that is absolutely fine. Compose a content which is informative and relevant. Google rank such contents high which gives detailed information of the topic rather than those with basic information.


8. Copied Content


Content is not less than the soul of SEO services. An excellent and unique content is the one which is liable to acquire high search engine ranking. Thus to improve your Google search position, it is wise to say no to copied or duplicate content. Having alike content on different web pages can negatively affect your website. So rather than facing such destructions go ahead with drafting your own quality content and get ranked high.


9. Image Optimization


Google search engine not only optimize the content but images too.  You can stuff your keywords in image file too.  You can include the keyword in file naming, title, alt text, caption and description so as to boost relevant signals send to the search engine.


10. Outbound Links


Outbound linking is a permitted SEO technique of Google. You can link your page to authorized websites and thus can send trust signals to the Google search engines. But make sure this outbound linking will not cross the limit. Too many outbound links can hurt your search visibility by diminishing your website.


11. Internal Links


Interlinks are highly beneficial for SEO ranking but make sure, you are getting these links from relevant pages.


12. URL With Keyword

To send a relevant signal to Google you can include the keyword in the URL slug. Adding keyword in URL has a positive impact on search visibility.


13. Sitemap


To make Google aware of all the pages of your website, Sitemap is the key tool that can assist you in doing the same. It is an efficient way that helps Google search crawler to index entire web pages on your website. There are two types of sitemaps available; XML Sitemap and HTML Sitemap.


14. Server Location


The server location is another important factor of SEO which you should know about before working on your web page. It influences the search engine ranking of the website in different geographical locations.


To achieve high Google ranking, it is suggested to match the website owner’s location with the location of domain IP.


15. Responsiveness


Now a large proportion of people access the internet from their phone, tablets or other such devices. So it is prior responsibility to create a responsive and mobile optimized website.


A mobile optimized site is favored more by search engine crawlers and thus ranks such website at a higher position over desktop version.


16. Search Console Integration


It is another important Google Webmasters Tool which helps in site indexing.  In conjunction with this, it also provides some important data that you can use to enhance search visibility of your site.


17. Domain Linking


The number of backlinks and the quality of sites where you are linking your page address greatly affects the search engine ranking. Backlinks from old domains give more favorable results as compared to that of new ones.


18. Page Linking


The number of linking pages mentioning to your website has a pronounced effect on the Google search engine ranking. To acquire a greater search visibility it is better to have more links from different domains as compared to that of from a single domain.


19. Image Links


Similar to page links, image links are equally beneficial for SEO ranking. Alt tag is used for image links


20. Domain History


Google has an algorithm, Domain History that allows it to validate whether your website is good or bad. It detects the quality and previous access carried out through it.


The authority of the domain is equally important as the page on an authoritative domain is more likely to gain higher search engine ranking as compared to that of the un-authoritative domain.


21. Link Relevancy


It is sensible to link your pages with the sites which are related to the topics of your pages. It helps you to carry more search engine relevancy for your web pages.


22. Activate Social Media


Social media is the best promotional and marketing platform nowadays. You can effectively use social shares for getting positive influences in search engine ranking. There are varied social sharing sites that assist you to achieve what you desire regarding your SEO rankings.




23. Anchor Text


Anchor text, also known as hyperlink text, directs to the web pages on the same site or any other site. Anchor text should be created by linking the appropriate and relevant keywords. Irrelevant keywords affect the search engine ranking negatively.


24. Contextual Links

Backlinks inserted within the appropriate and relevant content on the page of referral are more significant than that of standalone links. A fresh content along on the backlinks are more likely to give positive responses.


25. Google Analytics


To improve the Google search engine ranking, Google analytics and webmaster tools are widely used. Usage of these Google tools is highly recommended to reap great SEO benefits.


26. Reciprocal Links


The Google Link Scheme greatly suggests that excessive link purchasing and link exchanging should be avoided. It comes under black hat SEO techniques which can negatively affect your search visibility.


27. Natural Link Profile


It is worthwhile to use natural link profile as along with the improvement in search engine ranking it also provides a durable platform for carrying out updates.


28. Direct Traffic


Google highly prefers sites which achieve lots of direct traffic as it defines the worth of the website.


29. Social Bookmarking


Pages which are bookmarked in different social medias are more likely to acquire high SEO ranking.



30. Number Of Comments

Pages with the maximum number of relevant comments are considered to be more user-friendly and hence gain positive SEO results.

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