6 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Meta Tags

SEO admin May 18, 2018

Writing the meta description is often considered as an overlooked task by many SEO professionals as it is not a direct ranking signal. Marketers usually consider that these meta descriptions need not require any attention and it is an avoidable part of search engine optimization.


However, meta description optimization is a significant part of on-page SEO. It can greatly help in achieving visitors to the links as it is not less than any mini-ad which one can boost to get-up more customer action and upturn CTR. These are the appealing tags for the visitors so that they can click on your website and thus you can raise your business margin.


Spending some quality time in writing meta description can be very beneficial for your marketing but make sure you avoid these 6 mistakes while writing the meta tags.


1. Number of characters

Earlier the character count of meta description was recommended to be around 150-160 characters. But in December 2017, Google has updated the character count and this caused the increase in meta description length. Now the meta description can be made as long as around 300 characters.

Length of meta description is entirely based on the width of the device and hence you can pull the character counts accordingly. Don’t do the mistake of wasting your time in calculating the characters and let it go between 160 to 300 characters as per the device requirement.


2. Duplicate Meta Descriptions

You might be aware of the fact that there is no penalty for using copied or duplicate meta description. But still putting together with fresh and unique content for meta description can fetch you more leads.

Don’t make the mistake of using duplicate meta description, leave it empty, if you have no time to write any new one. Google can automatically generate it from the content of the page.


3. Use of Keywords

Make sure you stuff the right keyword in your meta description. If there is no keyword search engine crawler will pull the very first line that comprises the relevant keywords and displays it in the search engine results. The missing keyword often makes the meaningful description of the link, pulled out of context.

Thus, don’t forget to stuff keywords in meta description.


4. Avoid boring descriptions

Meta description is the important part of the content which demands to be more creative while crafting it. Don’t use boring and monotonous sentences for meta descriptions.

A creative and resourceful content is more likely to be noticeable by the audience. So always try to be specific and make your customers curious so as to stand out in the crowd.


5. Structured Data Optimization

Structured data optimization is the best thing that you can do as it will aid you to catch the visitors’ attention. Don’t neglect this imperative part of SEO. There are Google guidelines available which will help you if you are unconfident to start. You can also use tools like Google structured data testing tool, schema markup generator, and others to structure all type of data.


6. Direct Answer Query

Search engines prefer sites which provide direct answers to the users. HTML tables can thus act as the best option for the title description and to avoid using HTML tables for giving the direct answer for the searchers’ queries can be the great mistake you might do.

HTML tables give the best and the most relevant answers to the users, hence this can make your website most preferred one.



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