Learn how to Setup Google Webmaster Tool for your website

Google Webmaster admin May 31, 2018

If you own a website and care about the appreciable search engine traffic over it, you may be certainly looking for the tool which will help you to find out the technical issues of the site. And Google Webmaster is the best tool for this purpose. But what exactly this tool is? How it improves the website status? And, what are the steps of setting it? If these questions are housed in your mind then this post will definitely help you a lot to understand Google Webmaster Tools.


What Is Google Webmaster Tools?


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is an indispensable bridge between Google and website owner. It is completely free of cost service offered by Google to cope up with the technical side of your website. This valuable and most effective software allows you to track your site’s performance, spot website issues, remove content which is not worth to index, submit content for crawling and a lot more.


It is the most effective way of Google to communicate with the admin. It will send a message to you if any website issues like crawling mistakes, 404 pages, manual penalties, malware identified etc. are diagnosed by it. Very often, people get confused between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. But we can well define them as the marketing tool and technical tool respectively.


Google Analytics recounts with the search traffic, click rates, bounce rates etc. while Google Webmaster is geared more towards website’s technical issues. Accessing both tools puts a lot of free online marketing stuff at your fingertips so as to efficiently optimize your site for users as well as for search engines.




Let’s now string along with the steps and figure out how you can set up the Google Webmaster Tools to improve your website’s health.




Already have a Google account? Then bush off this step. If not, then just land to Google.com and log in to your Google account like Gmail or Google+. It is essential as Google wants your information.



Step 2


After signing in to Google account, visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools. There on the right hand side, you will find an option mentioning “ADD A PROPERTY”.



Step 3


Click here and enter your site’s URL. Click to Add and continue the process.



Step 4


In the next step, you need to verify your website ownership. There are many options to do this. The “Recommended method” and “Alternate methods” will be displayed on the screen. If you are choosing the “Recommended method” then first download the HTML verification file provided here, then upload that file to your website, confirm and click “Verify” below.


In this way, you can verify your website ownership.  Apart from the “Recommended method” you have another easy and efficient choice available to set up Google Webmaster Tools to your website. This is well termed as “Alternate methods”.


Step 5


Click the “Alternate methods and do the server verification in a simpler way.



Alternate methods comprise the four significant types. These are as follows.

1. Verify Using HTML Tag

Click on the HTML tag checkbox and you will get a verification link which is to paste on the homepage of your website. Stuff it in the <head>section at the backend of your website.

Then click to “verify” and complete your HTML tag confirmation.  Make sure, to stay verified; you need not remove the tag link even after the verification is done successfully.



2. Verify Using Domain Name Provider


Select the “Domain Name Provider” method, drop down the list given there and select the domain registrar company from where your domain is registered. Go the instructions given below and after following the instructions, click the verify button to finish the verification step.



3. Google Analytics


This is the most preferred method, generally used by the markets to validate the Google Webmaster Tools verification. If you are an administrator of the Google Analytics account then you can easily get done with it. In this step, you just need to select Google Analytics and follow the steps. Click to verify and complete the confirmation process.




4. Google Tag Manager


You can use this method if you are using the container snippet and hold the “manage” permission or Google Tag Manager account.



That’s it. You have been verified as the owner of the required website and your Google Webmaster Tool account is now ready to use. However, while setting up the Google Webmaster Tools for the very first time, data may take some time to appear.



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