6 Keys to Write Compelling Content for People and Search Engines

Content SEO admin May 18, 2018

Writing a great SEO content purely means to formulate a write-up with some magical words which not only fascinates the humans but also tends search engines to mount its search visibility. Content always prevailed itself as the soul of the digital marketing. A good and compelling content is always required to build a prosperous brand and thus one needs to invest an adequate time for research and writing to put up the content that hook-and-eye the readers’ and search engines’ attention.


There’s no doubt, readers, as well as search engines, prefer a content which is unique and creative. A poor or copied content has no place of existence. Posting an inappropriate or imitative content will get you nowhere. Also, for a content writer, it is must to find the balance between the search engine optimization and human-centered content formation. The path for content writers should be focused and clear. But do you think, crafting a content which fulfills these writing requirements is a hundred-to-one task?


Well, it is not. You can obviously make up a content which best suits to marketing strategies and readers’ interest. Here are the three important points that you should take into account in order to draft a compelling content for people as well as for search engines.


1. Picking A Stimulating Topic

“The first impression is lasting”, we all are very well familiar with this quote. But do you think, this quote has any relevancy with content writing? Yes, it is. The topic of the content brings this relevancy. The topic is the key part of the content which tends or takes away the readers from the content. It decides the readers’ attention. Hence, choosing an eye-catching and a captivating topic is the vital requirement of the content writing.


A good topic triggers attention and invites readers in. Search engines also improve rankings of the content with some unique and excellent topics. Search engine has its own factors which decide the SEO ranking of the content. Keyword in the topic is one such factor which pulls any content up. Try to include the keyword in the front part of the topic. Keyword in the front part of the topic is more likely to gain higher search engine ranking.


2. Increasing Semantic Relatedness

Search engines have been evolving and getting smarter day by days. It has been flourished with many new features which analyze the competency and semantic relatedness of the content. To improve your search visibility, enhance your keyword research and embrace more semantically related words in your write-up.


Draft your words in such a way that the complete content revolves around the topic. It should not look like you are diverting from the actual topic. Make the content look relevant and appropriate by using words in such a manner that the meaning doesn’t go out of the track. Accuracy brings reliance among the readers.



3. Providing Answers

Content which gives sufficient information on any topic is more preferred by readers and search engines. People always like the content which gives answers to their questions. Google also ranks the content which is more informative and which consists of the relevant information.


People usually use the search engine to get their answers and ultimately Google values such contents more which is liable to give any necessary information. Take this additional tip: People not only want the answers but they want the answers fast. So craft the content in such a manner that people can easily and quickly pick up the information for which they are looking for.


4. Keyword Stuffing

No doubt, keyword stuffing is an important part of search engine optimization. Carry out an in-depth research to bring together the most targeted keywords in your content. Make sure the content you write revolves around the keyword. Keywords should be relevantly stuffed in your content. But don’t make your content flooded with the keywords.


Take care of keyword frequency and stuff the keywords accordingly. To raise the search engine visibility, it is very important to focus on keyword density. Overstuffing of keywords can negatively affect your website.


5. Chop the content

Craft expressive but a short content! Your content should include all the relevant data and information but it should not exceed a limit else readers may find it tedious one. Unnecessary information can make your content lose its search engine ranking.


Content quality can only be improved when you are able to convey the entire necessary information in a simple and short way. Chopping of content is good to enhance your page ranking.


6. Structured write-up

Formulate your content in such a way that main information does not remain unnoticed. Introductory part should be structured very professionally so as the most important details, in the beginning, can catch readers’ attention. Headings and sub-headings in the content effectively raise the content quality.


Important points can be mentioned in bullet points, keywords should be bolded and figures and data can be best stuffed in a tabular form. These highlight the necessary information which builds interest among readers as well as enhance the search ranking.


Don’t work in haste, go for thorough and deep research and craft a content which is appropriate and informative. With the aim to boost SEO rankings, increase traffic and/or leads, you need to have excellent content on your blog or website. Just go ahead to compose a great content for your website.

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