8 Key Points To Know About Google Analytics

Google Analytics admin June 5, 2018

Do you possess a blog or website? If yes, then you may be probably looking for a tool which can help you to track and evaluate the patterns of the traffic of the website. No matter you are running a big business firm or a start-up, tracking your visitors’ log will definitely facilitate you with more advancement in your work and thus lead towards a huge success. Consequently, to kick around your web performance, Google Analytics is an effective tool that will help you out.


Google Analytics is a free yet a powerful website analytics service offered to let you know how users find and use your web page. It is a free tool to track, analyze and report the site data by measuring site traffic, SEO, and social media activity. Google Analytics is not less than a traffic controller who tracks and monitors each and every content you post online on its dashboard.


Functions of Google Analytics can be distributed as:


  • Collection and Management of Data
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Data Activation


Here is all that else you can keep up with about Google Analytics tool.


1. Long-Term Statistics


Google Analytics has a great feature to display the results from the very first day of its installation. This helps in reviewing your web pages and publications to analyze which topics have been more engaging. You can even extend the graph and view the lifetime analytics results.


This tool helps you to nail down the pages that gain more search engine traffic, page views, and daily visits by users.


2. Observe Visitor Activities


GA not only enables you to know about the number of pageviews but also update you with the bounce rate and exit percentage. It allows you to fetch the value of entrance, bounce and exit rate.


Marketers examine the total number of visitors who landed on their page and distinguish those who left the page without visiting the other pages and those who switch to other pages as well. It is no doubt, the best tool to analyze the traffic statistics of your website and thus to measure a reasonable success or failure rate.


3. Audience Location


Are you willing to know about the geographical area of your visitors? Thanks to Google Analytics which greased the wheels to grasp the information about the total number of visitors who land on your site from a specific location or regional area.


This will help you to target your business where you are more likely to get conversions.


4. Browser Service


Google Analytics offers you the important browser-related data about your visitors. It gives valuable information about Web Browser & version number, Operating System,  Screen Colour, Screen Resolution, Flash/Java Version.


Having knowledge about the statistics will help you track down the browsers you should support.


5. Popular Keywords


Most of the visitors land your website through SEO and the keywords act as the source to drive them to the page. But have you wondered which keywords directed them to your website? Surely, Google analytics will provide you the required data.


You can efficiently track the users’ action that which keyword is bending them toward your page, which page they visit most, how much time they stay on any page and lot more.


6. Mobile Visitors


A huge mass is now accessing internet on mobile phones and other handy devices like tablet etc. Mobile traffic is almost the main source of your visitors’ list. Google Analytics holds a mobile section which can smartly fetch you the data of those who reach you through the mobile device.


7. Goal Conversions


Conversions are a big step in enhancing your marketing success rate. When your website represents content which engages visitors and tends them to perform a specific action, it is worth measured as a conversion rate.


Goals are beneficial when you have a course of effective actions which you want your visitors to follow. Google Analytics will assist you to trace the course of actions that is drawing the attention of the visitors.


8. Reading AdSense Metrics


No doubt, you are now aware of goal conversion rate and how Google Analytics helps you determine the same. GA updates you with required data of users like the source of the traffic. This data can suggest you effective spots for ad units in the content of your website.


Google Analytics is a vast field to explore about. There are numerous factors which made it a key tool in the field of internet marketing. Employing it will lead to an appreciable traffic on your website. If you have any doubts regarding this blog, let us know in comment section.


These points will definitely help you to more about Google Analytics. If you have any confusion, let us know in the comment section below.

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