Is Google Planning To Launch A Censored Search Engine In China?

Google News admin August 2, 2018
Google Launch A Censored Search Engine In China

Google is on its way towards launching of the censored version of the search engine in China. By concerning with the Chinese government, it will work on the blocking of sensitive searches like human rights, democracy, freedom, protest etc. It will also filter those sites which are blocked by the Chinese government.


Intercept Ryan Gallagher reported that the Alphabet-owned company will soon bring its censored version of search engine that would be accessible only in China.


Google search is currently banned in the country. It is due to the reason that it was not following the government’s regulation and not blacklisting the search terms that could destabilize the power of government in China. However, In Hong Kong, the Google search is available and the banned terms of China like democracy, freedom, etc. are accessible there.


But this move of Google is often criticized by many people; as it may harm the reputation of the company, known for the digital rights and freedom.

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