Interesting Facts About Larry Page (Google Founder)

Google admin August 10, 2018

Lawrence Edward Page, a 45 years old man who has redefined revolution in the entire universe of researching, learning and teaching. Larry Page is an American Computer Scientist and Internet Entrepreneur. These are a few things that are popularly known by everyone in the world but there are some interesting facts about him that are hidden from most of the people. We are with the most interesting facts about Larry Page that you will like to know.


Early life and hometown

Larry Page was born in Lasing, the capital state of Michigan on 26th March 1973. His mother was Jewish but Larry does not follow any particular religion. Larry’s father had a Ph.D. in computer science from Michigan State University, later he became a computer science professor in Michigan State University and his mother taught computer programming. His early life was filled with various incidents connecting to the computer.


His Love for Computers

In an interview, Larry Page mentioned that at a young age his house and especially his room was nothing but the computer mess. He was in love with the computer technology since always and he had the dreams of inventions in computer science. Larry had the habit of spending more and more time collecting and gaining knowledge about different things.


Larry’s Love for Knowledge and Inventions

Larry has always been talking about how the inventions and inventors inspired him. He is particularly fond of Nicola Tesla; whom he thinks is a great inspiration for anyone.


His Early Days and Struggle to Run Google

Larry was younger than 30 and he successfully made Google with Sergey Brin. They together were unable to deal with the business management of Google. The struggle made them hire Eric Schmidt as the CEO of Google.


Relocated Google

You wouldn’t expect but Larry and Sergey relocated Google from Larry’s Dormitory to their friend’s garage in California.


First Investment in Google

Success for Google was not an easy task, it took a fair amount of time and efforts to reach then finally it got its first investment of $100,00 by Andy Bechtolsheim. To celebrate this both Larry and Sergey went over breakfast at Burger King.


Larry’s Moto

Larry believes in “Never lose a business opportunity”, after all the critical struggle, lack of money, knowledge Larry never lost hope in his business. There was a time when Larry was about to sell Google to another company but he was later convinced by his partner Sergey Brin.


Net Worth of Larry Page

According to Forbes magazine in 2006 Larry Page was 27th richest person with estimated net worth $14Billion at that time Larry was 33 years old. Today Larry is ranked 27th richest billionaire according Forbes with net worth $32 Billion. With all this money, name and standards he never let go the roots and his respect for knowledge as well as people.

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