Interesting Facts About Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai

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sundar pichai facts

Sundar Pichai is the name which makes us believe that fairy tale is real if you have dedication, honesty along with your talent. He was appointed as the CEO of Google after succeeding Larry Page. He holds a great position on the list of the world’s most powerful person.


Let’s have a look to some of the interesting facts about Pichai which will amaze you for sure.


  • Pichairajan Sundar or Sundar Pichai was born in a middle-class family of Chennai. His childhood days were very ordinary that his family even didn’t own a television.


  • Sundar’s father is a retired electrical engineer who worked in a manufacturing factory of electrical relays. His mother was a stenographer.


  • His family got their first telephone connection when he was about 12 years old. With this telephone, he started calling and memorizing the numbers. He still remembers those numbers that he had dialed years ago.


  • Pichai was deeply connected with sports. Besides soccer and chess, he was also fond of playing cricket as well. He was the captain of his school cricket team during his high school days.


  • In his senior years of schooling, he was one of the winners of the National Talent Search Examination.


  • He earned his bachelor of engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur with Metallurgy stream which is completely dissimilar to that of IT. He was even dropped out of work as an engineer.


  • Sundar confessed that he saw the first computer when he came to IIT Kharagpur.


  • Pichai admitted that he had also bunked the classes and due to late night shares, missed the morning classes as well.


  • After his graduation, his professors advised him to get a Ph.D. But he opted for MS from Stanford. When in 1993, he won a scholarship to Stanford, his father withdrew an amount which was more than his annual salary from his family savings only to fly his son.


  • Sundar went to University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business to pursue Master of Business Administration (MBA).


  • Sundar’s job interview in GOOGLE was on 1st April i.e. April Fool Day. Google had just announced Gmail at that time and he it was not aware of the development much. Due to this, he was unable to answer well about it during his first three round of interviews.


  • Pichai has become the part of Google in the years 2004 after a tenure at McKinsey as a consultant. He has managed the development of many important Google products like Chrome, Gmail, Drive, Android and Google Apps.


  • Pichai’s Google Chrome’s version was declared as the chosen browser for Android phones in the year 2012.


  • Sundar is recognized for his soft and polite behavior. He always stood out of the politics and showcased a clean identity. On his appointment as CEO, a blogger has tweeted that “proof that nice guys can win.”


  • He stated that Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy was his idol during his college days.


  • Pichai is fond of watching Koffee with Karan. He watched its episodes on YouTube and still watches very often.


  • He also revealed that Deepika Padukone is his favorite actress and he also enjoyed watching her father Prakash Padukone’s badminton game.


  • Sundar was also one of the top contenders for the top profile at Microsoft. Later Satya Nadella acquired the post.


  • This down-to-earth and humble personality is excellently ruling the big IT giant and successfully maintaining the company relationships.


  • Sundar is married to his college mate Anjali. They are blessed with a daughter and a son.


These are some of the interesting facts that will surely amaze you. If you also have some facts about Sundar Pichai, please do mention in the comment section below.

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