12 Important Tools to Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

SEO admin May 24, 2018

The world of digital marketing is entirely covered with the competitions and the rankings. With the increasing number of business, every marketer is looking for the cutting-edge strategies and tools that can improve his online marketing campaign and thus lead this competitive zone. Certainly, digital marketing tools are now the most important part of the online business which every marketer should be acquainted with. To boost your online marketing margin, let’s have a look at some of these imperative online marketing tools that will give the most desired results by very time-saving means.


1. Google Analytics Tool



Google Analytics, undoubtedly, is the soul of the search engine marketing campaign. It is an advanced tool that marketer can use to shed light on various important information of the website. This includes tracking the clicks, traffic, page views, sessions, sales funnels and lot more. Google Analytics is the free online tool which makes it highly efficient for any business. Access the tool here – https://www.google.com/analytics 


2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool



Examining the right keyword is the far-reaching step to enhance the search visibility of your website. Thereupon Google Adwords keyword planner tool is the best option which you can pick in order to study which keyword should be used. This tool functions efficiently to scrutinize the appropriate keywords, their search volume i.e. how many visitors searched for those keywords and competition for certain keywords. Access the tool here – https://adwords.google.com/


3. Buffer Tool


The Buffer is a powerful tool which manages your social media accounts and schedules the posts for your profile. It is a very time efficient tool which saves a lot of time invested in handling the post for the social media marketing campaign. You can even personalize your schedule or can create the batches so that the line-up posts are posted any other day. Multiple accounts can also be managed simultaneously implementing the Buffer tool. Access the tool here – https://buffer.com/


4. Google Webmaster Tool


The Google webmaster tool is no-charge, highly preferred tool in the field of online marketing campaigns. It has many significant features for analyzing your site’s performance. Marketers globally trust Google webmaster tool to identify issues and check the insights of the website. Its features include the crawler access which ensures that Robot.txt has organized properly so that Google will display only the pages that you want to get indexed. It also tracks the inbound links to your website, page loading speed and destroying malware. Access the tool here – https://www.google.com/webmasters/


5. BuzzSumo Tool



To analyze the type of content that performs well with search engines, BuzzSumo is a significant tool that you can look for. It enables you to identify the most shared content or websites. It provides the handy information to generate the most effective content for your website. To go ahead and lead the competition, Buzzsumo’s advanced features make the leading way for you. Access the tool here – http://buzzsumo.com/


6. MailChimp Tool


MailChimp is the most important email marketing tool which ensures the robust marketing automation to send the right email to the right entity at the right time. It is useful in targeting the audience based on preferences, performance and prior sales. It activates the series of emails with a single API request. No doubt, it is a valuable tool which helps marketers to accomplish the final email marketing campaigns. Access the tool here – https://mailchimp.com/


7. All in One SEO Pack Tool


Search Engine Optimization is the biggest and most prominent tool for online marketing. It is flourished with various significant features which effectively work in the field of digital business. Advanced Canonical URLs, XML sitemap support, automatic generation of meta tags, automatic notification to major search engines are some of the important SEO key features. Access the tool here – https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/


8. SEMrush Tool


SEMrush is another vital online marketing tool that helps in carrying out the best competitive research. It is the best tool to monitor the website performance, resolve the website issues, improve the website’s SEO, analyze keyword ranking updates, track the social media success, monitor the brand reputation and lot more. Access the tool here – https://www.semrush.com/


9. Copyscape Tool


Copied or duplicate content on the web pages can negatively affect your website by penalizing it. Hence to acquire the best search experience, avoid using duplicate content or various versions of the same content. This search engine issue can be solved out by using the tool known as Copyscape. You only need to enter the blog post URL and will get the instant results so as to make required corrections. Access the tool here – https://www.copyscape.com/


10. Siteliner Tool


Siteliner is another significant tool to scan the duplicate content on the website. You simply need to paste the URL of your site and you will soon find the duplicate part, number of words and time of page loading. After completing the scan you can also download the PDF report for further use. It is affordable service which you can use to improve your online marketing. Access the tool here – http://www.siteliner.com/


11. Alexa Tool


Alexa is a highly recognized digital marketing tool which updates marketers with the popularity of their website compared to the other websites. Alexa well estimates and figure out the data of website traffic, page views, and other such important factors. Access the tool here – https://www.alexa.com/


12. Woorank Tool


If you are looking for the best tool to monitor your website performance then Woorank is an ultimate tool that can keep you ahead of this digital competition.  It allows you to know the strategies and keywords that your competitors are utilizing. Marketers can get in-depth reviews of their website and track the performance by fetching the finest analytical data. Access the tool here – https://www.woorank.com/

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