Important Tips For Getting More Followers and Likes On Instagram

Instagram SMO admin August 18, 2018
instagram More Followers and Likes On Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram has come up as another vital social media platform which performs excellently in the field of online marketing. Within six years of its journey, Instagram has reached a place where its importance can be greatly experienced in boosting the brand value of any business. With its millions of users, it has become a great source of business promotion. Marketers are now greatly acquainted with its value and optimize the same for their business promotion. Instagram requires very little effort to promote your brand but still many fails in acquiring good results. The reason behind this failure might be very less number of followers and likes on your Instagram. Chuck out this problem by working on the following tips and get the ultimate results for your Instagram marketing.


1. Wait For Right Time


Is this heading seems you bit dissimilar with this content? Yes, you might find it unsuitable. But it is the most important factor you should take care in order to gain more user-engagement. Always post the content at the right time when your users are more likely to be active on Instagram. The evening time is the perfect duration when you can push your content up. The content posted between 5 PM to 8 PM gets more likes as people generally check their Instagram profile at the very same time. Friday evening is the most noticeable period for content posting on Instagram.


2. Use Hashtags That Convert


Using trending hashtags is one of the effective ways to gain followers on Instagram. Hashtags have greatly facilitated us to enhance our social reach.  Search some unique and trendy hashtags for your content that will highlight yours in the sea of millions of images and videos. Go with those hashtags that your targeted audience checks the most. If you are able to create relevancy with their choice, your account will be followed by more users.


3. Work on Instagram Contest


To engage more users and to enhance the list of followers to your Instagram, some interesting contests and games can perform well. The facility to host excellent contests on Instagram makes it one of the most preferred social media platforms. Give place to some attention-grabbing contests on your Instagram and get new followers to your account.


4. Don’t Skip Teasers Sharing


For product-oriented businesses, teasers are the perfect thing you should include to your account. Share some exciting teasers to showcase the soon-to-be-released products. Make sure your teasers are eye-catching such that it compels users to like the post or follow your account.


5. Ask For Share


If engaging more visitors to your Instagram account is your priority then don’t hesitate in asking your followers to share and like your post. The more your content will be shared the more users you will gain. Explore your page to a great extent and get more followers to it.


6. Content Consistency Is Must


Along with the timing of content posting, also take care of its consistency. Schedule a regular posting and provide the ultimate content to your followers. To retain your followers and to increase more to your account, check the posting consistency on your account. Neither throws your content in bulk nor creates the deficiency of it. Be regular; be consistent in sharing the finest content which is more likely to drive more users to your page.


7. Share Content That Users Want


Analyse what your followers want to see. Upload the content of your users’ choice. Also, keep your eyes on the popular Instagram trends and check the type of content you are posting. Your post should match the users’ interest and also the latest Instagram trends. Analytic tools can help you in this field to monitor what is worth to post.


8. Participate In Conversation


Don’t overlook the questions and suggestions of your followers. Respond to each and every query of your visitors. It will highlight your customers’ satisfying behavior and your brand will be more likely to get huge popularity. Also, let your followers also participate in the conversation. Ask for their feedback and suggestions. This will surely drive more traffic to your Instagram accounts.


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