11 Important Email Writing Tips To Make Sure Your Campaigns Work

Business Email admin June 7, 2018
Email Writing Tips

As far as digital marketing is flourishing day by day with lots of latest techniques, email marketing is still a high-value approach to get in touch with your target audience. It allows you promote your brand and stay forefront in the minds of your customers. But to accomplish successful email marketing campaign, there are many different writing tips which need to be followed.  Have a look at these killer email writing tips that will help you to make-up the most effective emails that converts more leads to you.


1. Plan An Outline


Before start writing your email just be attentive to what you are going to write. Draft an outline of the message to be included. Take care of your brand and the kind of audience you are going to target. Collect all the required details of the product or service you are promoting. It is necessary to give accurate and relevant information to the audience so that they can develop a trust factor and settle towards your brand.


2. Use Actionable Language


Language should be greatly focussed while writing a compelling email. Using actionable language doesn’t necessarily means using difficult words or sentences rather pick those which are easy and engaging. Words like “download”, “take”, “reserve”, “buy”, “ask”, etc. are very appealing. Make use of such words in your subject line and let your viewers open the mail and take action positively.


3. Compelling Email Subject Line


If we are talking about email subject line then our effective writing responsibility increases a little more. The subject line is the key element of the entire email. It depicts the first impression of your brand in front of the audience and hence it is very essential to draft a subject line which increases the email open rate. Make a captivate subject line which compels the recipient to read the mail.


4. Take Care Of Subject Line Length


Along with the kind of words you use in subject line, also be cautious about the length of the subject line. It should not be too much longer as it is more likely to reduce the clickthrough rates. People often lose interest in reading long subject line. It is studied that emails with the subject line of 6-10 words acquire the highest open rates as compared to others. Use the optimal subject line length and increase the open rates.


5. Keep The Mail Simple But Strong


Craft the body of mail which is short though informative. Don’t make your email content lengthy and boring else readers will never go until the end of your message and will not take any action in favor of your business. Make your content powerful; don’t use massive technical or difficult words. Instead, go with the catchy content that is understood by all. Be brief and write only the useful things.


6. Craft a scannable message


Make sure you draft a message which is scannable or can be divided into parts as long-winded email is generally avoided by people. Don’t bore people by composing the mail with long paragraphs, rather break your content with punchy and eye-catching subheadings. Numbers or bullet points play a great role in making the write-up more interesting. These help in grasping readers’ attention and they go through reading the entire email.


7. Use “You” Rather Than “We”


Be more centric by using word “you” rather than “we” in your email content. Don’t only focuses on giving large information about your company; instead, give details about the services and products offered by your company. Your recipients want to know more about the product that whether it meets their requirements or not. Be cautious of serving the exact essential details about what you want to promote or sell.


8. Judiciously Optimize The Keywords


Optimizing the keywords is also an essential factor while accomplishing email marketing. Write the mail in such a way that your keywords can be inserted in the natural and relevant way. To insert keywords in right way is very important not only to improve its search visibility but also to make it according to readers’ interest.


9. Create a sense of urgency


While writing the mail, take care of choosing the effective words. Pick the words which develop a sense of urgency among the readers and encourage them to open and read the mail. Words like offers, bonus, gifts, discounts etc. pull the users’ interest and compel them to go through it.


10. Punctuate Carefully


Make your email easy and understandable. Don’t make it complicated by overusing unnecessary punctuation marks. Be careful while crafting the mail; don’t confuse your subscribers by stuffing punctuation like exclamation marks, emoticons and uppercase letters.


11. Proofread And Edit Accordingly


To simply write the email content is not at all sufficient, proofreading is also the essential task that you should carry out. Marketers often overlook this step while sending the mail. Typos and inaccuracies often remain unedited due to lack of proofreading and this makes an unsatisfactory content. Avoid such minute errors and make your mail effective and flawless.


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