17 Important Email Marketing Tips to Enhance Your Email Clickthrough Rates

Email admin May 26, 2018

Generation of leads and sales is the imperative part of the digital business and for the same, Email marketing has undoubtedly established itself as the outstanding method to acquire appreciable traffic for sales. It is considered as the most effective and efficient means of engaging customers to your website. Make an excellent use of inbound marketing by sending emails in such a manner that it is more likely to gravitate customers to your website. Follow some of these first-rate tips to achieve your Email marketing goals.


1. Email Within 24 Hours


Set up the automated email workflows so as to mail those who express any engagement to your content like subscribe to your newsletter, sign up any offer and lot more.  Make sure that your visitors receive the mail within 24 hours. It is the major opportunity to foster and engage your prevailing contacts.

2. Use A Real Name Email ID


While sending the email, employ the email id of a real person, instead of the company as it increases the email open rate. Recipients generally trust an email address with personalized sender name as compared to that of a generic one. People are so swamped with spam these days, they often pull back to open email from unacquainted senders and using real name suggests the best option.


3. Cut Out Spam Words


To make your email let out of the spam box, avoid using such words which is more likely trigger the spam filters. These filters are intelligent enough to identify the words that may activate junk mail filter of client.


4. Consistency And Urgency


Mold your mail in such a way that after receiving it, your audience reacts in an urgent manner. Create a sense of urgency among the receivers and send them a mail which shows that they have limited time to respond. This can be done by trying different subject line formats like numbers or list, questions and other punctuations, missing outs, single word, controversial, mysterious etc.


5. Mobile Responsive Emails


It is studied that more than 65 percent of the total emails are opened on the mobile phones. People frequently use mobile devices to open or click through the mail; consequently, it is indispensable to ensure that your emails are mobile responsive and quickly load so as to read easily. If your email fails in loading swiftly, your client can get frustrated and either leave it unread or even delete it. So instead of losing your clients create mobile-friendly emails.



6. Identify Receiver’s Interest

When you are able to know the curiosity and interest of your audience, your partial work is successfully completed. Rest you need to do is to mail them accordingly and thus improves your CTR. To increase your email clickthrough ratio, make it in a way so as the readers feel like they are missing out something very interesting and valuable.


7. Focus On Width


Make sure that the width of your email template doesn’t go beyond 650 pixels. 600 pixels is the best choice, you can go with while creating your email. Anything that is exceeding the limit of 650 pixels may not exhibit appropriately in the email review panel. Develop your receivers’ interest in order to open the mail by fixing a proper email template width.


8. Add Multiple CTAs


The link which you want your subscribers to click can be efficiently referenced in your mail, more than once.  It will also help in increasing the CTR and thus mounts your business at very great heights.


9. Short And Simple Content


Long emails are less likely to gain readers’ attention. Instead, keep your email short and simple and gravitate more and more readers to read it. Properly segmented mail content, structured in a precise manner, not at all looks like a tedious one and readers go through your entire email.


10. Clear And Clickable Subject Lines


If you want to improve your email CTR then certainly your marketing emails should consist of subject lines which are clear and clickable. Also, make sure that you keep it less than 50 characters so that it can be properly displayed on the mobile devices.


11. Addition Of Social Sharing Buttons


To make your email content accessible to a huge traffic, it is gainful to add the social media sharing buttons. This is an important tool to upsurge the number of individuals who click on it.



12. Resend Unopened Emails


It often happens that due to the flood of emails, people find it uneasy to read them all and your email probably left somewhere in the inbox as an unread message. Resending the mail is quite a beneficial idea so as to enhance your marketing.


13. Harmony Between Email And Landing Page


Draft your marketing email such that it matches with the landing page of your website. Your readers should not get confused and can easily make the connection between the page and the email they click.


14. Offers Attracts Readers A Lot


Offer is a most crucial word for any kind of marketing; so be cautious and don’t forget this important tip while drafting a mail for the improvement of your business branding. Adding the words coupons, reward points, badges and any physical gift will definitely tend receivers to open the mail at least once and if your offer suits their interest then there goes improvement in your conversion list.


15. Cut Short The Number Of Images


If you wish to enhance your email marketing then it is sensible to say no to lots of images. Even some email service providers resist displaying images spontaneously. Lots of images in a single mail even throw your mail in the spam folder.


16. Switch To Light Background


Dark fonts on light background have its special aspects. It looks more formal and decent as well. Readers like reading such content of the mail as it also increases the brand reputation.


17. Clear Contact Details


While formatting the email, make sure your contact details like address, phone numbers etc. are clear and authentic. Let your readers have exact details for any kind of inquiry.


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