How to Setup Google Analytics for Your Website

Google Google Analytics admin May 30, 2018

As a website owner, you must be curious to know about the visitors to your website. And to track down the data of your site, Google Analytics is the best tool. It is a free website analytics service from the house of Google to find out the source of the users and their behaviour. It can analyse the performance of site also. In a nutshell, you can say that Google Analytics is a tool which helps the website owners by giving the insight of the comprehensive statistics regarding the source and behaviour of the visitors.



Things you can know from Google Analytics:


* Number of visitors to the website

* The location of your visitors

* Percentage of visitors access from mobile and desktop

* The source website of the traffic

* The most popular pages

* Bounce rate

* The average time of the visitors on the website

* The conversion number of lead

* The landing and exit page of the visitors

* Can Setup 100 Website from one account


So, are you ready to take all the advantages of Google Analytics? If yes, then fasten your seatbelt. We are ready to fly your website with the setup  of the Google Analytics.


Step 1: Visit the official website of Google Analytics (


Step 2: Sign Up with your existing Google credentials.


Step 3: If you have already logged in in Google account, then just click ‘Access Google Analytics’.


Step 4: Select the Admin button.



Step 5: Now click on the ‘Create Account’.


Step 6: Insert the Account Name.


Step 7: Write down the name of the website in the given field


Step 8: Now insert URL of the website


Step 9: You have to select ‘Industry Category’ according to the requirements.



Step 10: Adjust your Reporting Time Zone by selecting it from the drop-down menu.


Step 11: Check all the boxes for Google products & services, Benchmarking, Technical support, Account Specialists.


Step 12: Now click on ‘Get Tracking ID’.


Step 13: You need to agree with the Terms of Services to get the code.


Step 14: The code will be on the screen which you need to copy.



Step 15: For Any WordPress site, set up the Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin and then paste the code. And for HTML website you need to paste the script before ending of head tag in the HTML code of the site.


Step 16: You can check ‘Status: Receiving Data’ next to ‘Tracking ID’ after successful installation.



If you still have any confusion, let us know by commenting on the below section. Team SEO Solution Expert is always ready to answer every query related digital marketing.


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