How To Remove Spammy Backlinks From SERP: John Mueller

Google News SEO admin August 22, 2018
Remove Spammy Backlinks From SERP

Recently, John Mueller from Google has explained that ‘the disavow tool does not remove pages from the search result’. In a recent conversation with the digital marketer, Sumit Kumar Gupta over Twitter, he explained the way to remove those pages.


According to Google, the disavowed links are the ‘bad links to your site via paid links or any other link schemes that violate out quality guidelines’. All these spammy backlinks affect the SERP of any website. You can download the list of the links to the website and then you have to identify those disavow links and upload to Google. In this way, Google will not consider the bad links to your website.


But to remove that information from the web completely you need to follow some prescribed steps. Check out the steps here:


Find here the Tweet of John Mueller:


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