9 Tips How To Optimize Your Video For The Best Search Result

SEO admin June 5, 2018

The online videos have come a long way from its inception. Now it is a great tool to increase the conversion rate. As the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are upgrading the capabilities for video, the new scopes for video promotion are increasing. As the video production involves much time of the maker; it should not rank in the search result, then there is no use. To overcome this problem, you need to take essential measures for Video SEO. If you are still not aware of this section of SEO, then we are here to guide you upgrading your Video SEO skills.


But before that, you must know what Video SEO is. It is a process to optimize the video to index fast and rank on the search results for the related keywords. You should know all the strategies to place your video higher ranking.


1. Consider The Video Hosting Platform


Before thinking about the platform, you need to clear about the motive of making the video. Generally, people do the Video SEO for two purposes; one is to gain traffic as well as rank and another one is to create brand awareness. If your intention is to inform people about your products or services, then YouTube or Vimeo is the right choice for you because the visitors will go to the websites to watch the video.  But to gain traffic on your site, you can rely on video hosting website which can ‘automatically inserts SEO meta data to up your likelihood of being indexed’.



2. Proper Video Transcript For Better User Engagement


Whenever you are surfing your Facebook page, you can see several videos with texts to describe the content. The text is called transcript which helps your viewers to know about the topic of the video without opening it. So write your transcripts in an engaging and interesting way that your audiences will be compelled to click on the video.


3. Proper Thumbnail To Represent The Video


The thumbnail is like the identity card of the video. From the very first glance, the audience will know about the video from its thumbnail. So, select your thumbnail carefully to represent your video properly. You should customize the thumbnail instead of selecting the default one. Sometimes, it is more important than the title because it has become the deciding factor for clicking. The thumbnail picture should be relevant to the video and should not be misleading.


4. The Title and Description Must Be Suitable


The title and meta description of any video play a vital role in search engine ranking. Try to craft engaging and crisp video title and interesting description of it. You need to do a little keyword research but don’t stuff them in the title and description.


5. Relevant Content For The Web page


To secure a higher SERP, you need to add proper content along with the video. To optimize the page for SEO you need to get organic traffic to your website. To ensure this, you need to add high-quality content relevant to the video. You just can’t add any generic content.


6. Place The Video First In the List


The Google crawlers just index the first video of the page and then stop crawling. So, if you have more than one video on your page, embed the one you want to rank first. It is advisable to create separate pages for each video as having multiple videos on a page is not a great idea.


7. The Main Attraction of the Page Must Be the Video


In many websites, the owners of the sites place videos below part of the pages. The users need to scroll down to the extreme end to find out that. You should not follow this norm as the video must be the key attraction of your page. It will be the engaging way to attract and retain visitors in your website.


8. Your Video Must Be Unique


To reach more users, many website owners embed a single video in multiple pages. Google always values the unique things. To make sure that your video will rank really well in the search result, you need to take care that the video is not embedded elsewhere. It is a totally illogical way to compete with yourself only.




9. Do Not Totally Rely on SEO Only


You must remember that Google’s algorithm for video SEO is ever changing. You cannot rely on the bot system only for gaining the rank of the video. You need to take help of the paid video advertising for the guaranteed result.

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