How to Create an AdSense Account For Your Website

Google Google AdSense admin May 31, 2018

Google gives you the opportunity to monetize your blog or website by using their AdSense program. For almost all the bloggers, it is considered as the best money making experience, especially for the beginners. In this program, contextual ads will be displayed on the website and you will be paid for the number of clicks on the ads. If you are new to blogging or already own a site but totally unaware of the way to monetize it, then we are here to guide you by providing step by step tutorials to create the AdSense account with the best possible chances for approval.


“Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.” – Google


First of all, there are two conditions to have an Adsense account. First of them, you must own a website and another one is that the applicant’s age must be above 18 years of age (in that case, they need to use the name of the parents taking their permission).


Step 1: You need to visit the welcome page of Google AdSense. (


Step 2: You need to click on Sign In button if you have Gmail account.


Step 3: On the Sign In page, you need to insert the email or the associated phone number of the account.



Step 4: Then you need to insert your password.


Step 5: If you are using your custom domain name, then select Sign Up and insert the URL of the website and email address.


Step 6: Now you have to insert the website details on the next page along with the content language. Do not add ‘http://’.


Step 7: Then comes the most important part called ‘AdSense Contact Information’.


Step 8: In the Contact Information part, you need to select Country or territory, Time zone, Account type, Payee name, Street address, City/Town, State and Postal code. Please make sure that the name of the payee name and the bank account name are must be the same.



Step 9: You need to read the Adsense policies and mark all the checkboxes.


Step 10: You need to select ‘Submit’ button.


Step 11: Now review all the submitted details carefully.


Step 12: Select the ‘Submit my application’ to complete the process of registration.


Step 13: After registering on Google AdSense, visit the dashboard and create an Ad unit.


Step 14: A javascript code will be generated which you need to copy.


Step 15: Now paste the code exactly on your website (in most of the cases in the home page’s sidebar).


Step 16: The AdSense team will review your website and within 72 hours you will receive a congratulatory email if your AdSense account has been approved.


Step 17: An AdSense Pin will be sent to you when your earning will touch the threshold of $10.


Step 18: To receive the payment from your AdSense account, your total payment must reach $100.


Step 19: You need to add your banking details to receive the payment.  To start the process, go the Dashboard and select Payments.


Step 20: Now select Add payment method.



Step 21: You need to click on the radio button for “Wire transfer to bank account” and then click Continue.


Step 22: Now insert all the required information like Beneficiary name, Account number, IFSC code and many others in the given fields.


Step 23: To complete the process, select Confirm and continue tab.


So why are you waiting? Join today the AdSense community and make the best use of it. If you have any confusion, let us know in the comment section below.

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