How to Add Facebook Fan Page Widget to Website

Facebook SMO admin June 18, 2018
How to Add Facebook Fan Page Widget to Website

More than one-third of world’s population is using Facebook. It is the most popular and effective social media platform to reach the maximum number of users. For any company having the presence in Facebook is as essential as the building the brand awareness. Connecting the Facebook page with the company website is very much essential as people will get an idea about the activities and updates of it.


Facebook Fan Page of any organisation is a platform to communicate with the customers and the company. The visitors who have visited your website and interested in your product or services can stay connected via the Fan page and get regular updates.


Steps to add Facebook Fan Page (For HTML websites)


Step 1: Go to the from your browser

Step 2: Select Doc tab from the top right section of the page.

Step 3: Now select Social Plugins under the Social Integration section.

Step 4: Then you have to click on the Page Plugin from the available options

Step 5: Select Web

Step 6: You will be landed on the Page Plugin

Step 7: Under the Facebook Page URL section post the URL of the page in the box.

Step 8: Now add the features like width, height as per your requirements.

Step 9: Click on Get Code box.

Step 10: In the IFrame section, copy the code.

Step 11: Now go to the html coding of your website.

Step 12: Paste the code in your required place of the website.

Step 13: Now save and refresh the webpage to view Facebook Like Box on it.


How to Add Facebook Like Box on WordPress websites


Step 1: Log in to your WordPress sites with verified credentials.

Step 2: Go to the Plugin section and click on Add New plugin

Step 3: Install the Facebook Page plugin

Step 4: Select the Appearance button from the left column.

Step 5: Now select Widget tab.

Step 6: Select the place where you want to add the Facebook Like Box.

Step 7: Drag and drop Facebook Fan Page plugin from the left panel.

Step 8: Insert all the required information like page ID, width, height and all other things in the given boxes.

Step 9: Click on the Save button

Step 10: Refresh the webpage to see the changes.


Why Should add Facebook Fan Page to Website:


The number of Facebook fans increases the level of trustworthiness of your business. Via the Subscription feature, the fans can see all the updates on his or her wall. One of the most effective ways to increase fans on your page is by adding the widget of the Facebook fan page on your blog. Apart from the Facebook Fan page, there are many other plugins like Comments, Quotes, Share. Keep looking at this place for more interesting updates.


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