How Negative Keywords Beneficial For Google Adword Campaigns?

Google AdWord admin June 26, 2018
Negative Keywords

Negative keyword is the vital part of online marketing plan, especially when concerned with AdWords campaign. It is an important part of SEO techniques to get the relevant traffic based on the campaign goals. A negative keyword simply allows you to eliminate some specific search terms from your Adword Campaign and aid you to put efforts on the keywords that improve your business profit.


The negative keyword resists your ad from being activated if used in the search term. These keywords simply follow the similar rules as followed by regular keywords. They can also be treated as broad match, phrase match, exact match, and modified broad match. These keywords let you trim out the kind of traffic that you don’t want to get on your website.


How Negative Keywords Save The Campaign Cost?


For better targeting and increasing your ROI, putting your ads in front of right kind of visitors is very essential. Negative keyword is the excellent strategy, you can apply to. Let us understand how it works. Consider an example; suppose you have a business of glass furniture and you want to target your potential customers only for the glass furniture and not for wooden or other metallic furniture. You have to add negative keywords like “Wooden Furniture”, “Metal Furniture” etc. in the list. This will simply prevent the users who are searching for furniture other than glass furniture. Negative keywords, thus ultimately save the clicks and impressions that can eat your budget by entertaining irrelevant traffic.


Negative Keyword Tools


Every kind of business has various different kinds of negative keywords which can be utilized to avoid bad traffic. There are many free tools as well which can efficiently suggest you the kind of words or phrases you can use as negative keywords for your business. You just need to enter the keyword related to your business and you will get the list of some of those, excluding of which can improve your return of investment. Google keyword planner, Google search console, WordStream, Google Suggest and a lot more are there which can effectively help in generating the list of negative keywords. Free, cheap, discount, hire, job, salary, work, resume, tutorials, photos etc. are some of the words which are highly searched for. Unless this type of words did not cost you worthy, it is sensible to avoid them.


Unless and until you are not optimizing the right kind of negative keywords you cannot prevent the bad traffic to consume your clicks and this will pay you a costly campaign.


Hence to go ahead with the budget saving Adword or PPC campaign it is better to apply the negative keyword strategy to it. Put your any query or suggestion regarding the blog, in the comment section given below.


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